10 Cute Professional Outfits For Work That Are Fashionable And Fresh

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Finding cute professional outfits for work always seems to be a challenge. On the one hand, your place of work might have a dress code that you have to adhere to, and on the other hand, you want to wear something that makes you happy. Black, grey, and blue trousers and skirts can only get you so far, and might even be contributing to the dreariness of your daily grind. If you’re completely honest with yourself, do you really think you can live another day with another classic, white, button-down shirt on?

No need to worry! Your fashion-loving self can still exist at work, and here is a collection of ten cute professional outfits for work that proves it! Whether it’s mixing prints, colors, textures, patterns, or pairing with some really cute shoes, there are lots of options for you to up your work outfit game.

1. Fresh Prints

What a breath of fresh air it is to be wearing some fresh prints, and together! The beloved trend of mixing prints is a great way to change up your work outfit routine, and to mix and match some new cute professional outfits for work! A blue, striped shirt pairs perfectly with white and black patterned trousers to make a springy, fresh ensemble that will carry you throughout your workday. A classic, tan trench lets everyone know that you mean business, while your cute, white booties support the playfulness of your mix and match prints. A perfect way to start off your week.

10 Cute Professional Outfits For Work That Are Fashionable And Fresh

2. I’m The ‘It’ Girl

If you want all the Parisienne ‘It’ girl vibes, recreate this outfit by Paris’s very own ‘It’ girl Bertille Canat. Classic silhouettes and neutral colors are non-negotiable in the French girl wardrobe; a classic, white button-down and black, leather boots are not only wardrobe staples but the perfect way to balance out a more daring choice like pleather or leather trousers. To soften this outfit and avoid the total rocker girl chic look, Bertille added a soft, warm sweater vest–the best part of this cute and professional outfit!

10 Cute Professional Outfits For Work That Are Fashionable And Fresh

3. Pretty Little Thing

Cute professional outfits for work are more fun (and comfortable) when you wear A-line circle skirts. Light blue and black make a nice contrast between ultra-professional and sweet, while a thick, satin headband sits like a work-appropriate crown atop your head. Although not all of us can have this embellished Prada look like Negin Mirsalehi, it’s easy to find inspiration from the black and light blue color palette, adding a subtle black layer over a feminine silhouette, and a gorgeous, A-line circle skirt that will make each of us feel like a princess throughout our days.

10 Cute Professional Outfits For Work That Are Fashionable And Fresh

4. Don’t @ Me

If you want your cute professional outfits to give off bad b*tch vibes, try pairing a maxi-style, button-up, animal print dress with some serious statement booties. The incredible Marie Zannou is wearing her zebra print frock with leather combat boots, leather gloves, and an accent belt. Although I believe all of these accessories are black in color, there is an intriguing green, metallic sheen coming off of them in this photo. Find your inspiration in the classic combat boot style, or try something a little more daring like a vibrant, metallic purple boot in a subtle snakeskin. Animal print on animal print is hard to beat when it’s done just right!

10 Cute Professional Outfits For Work That Are Fashionable And Fresh

5. Lady Tomboy

Monochrome should not be neglected in your cute professional outfits for work. It might seem boring because suits are generally monochromatic, but if you do it right, your all-black outfit can make you feel like you’re wandering around the Louvre instead of sending emails to your colleagues. Although wearing shorts at work might not be an option for many, a shortened hem is a great choice for those who can don them during warmer months. Adding a chunky belt will help to give you a more tailored fit, while also demonstrating that you absolutely did put a little bit of effort into this all-black ensemble.

I especially love the Bermuda-length shorts in this look from Leonie Hanne. A longer length short keeps your look professional, but it also adds just the right amount of fashion spice.

10 Cute Professional Outfits For Work That Are Fashionable And Fresh

6. Preppy Chic

Tweed adds just a spoonful of preppy to your cute professional outfits for work. Although mini dresses are too short for most professional settings, a longer-length frock with some opaque stockings will look both professional and stylish. Slip your favorite ruffled blouse underneath your new, tweed, overall-style dress for some added depth and you’ll have a look with that mod secretary vibe everyone loved from the ’60s and ’70s.

The perfect pair of statement booties will keep your look from keeling over into the sea of prep, and a surprising, metallic twist should do just the trick! Accent your tweed frock with a boot that highlights the details of the fabric, or choose a color, pattern, or texture that makes you feel most ready and powerful.

10 Cute Professional Outfits For Work That Are Fashionable And Fresh

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7. Mature And Responsible

Add some subtle 90’s flare to your cute professional outfits for work by layering a cropped vest over an oversize shirt. As long as the fabric of your shirt bunches well and isn’t too thick, you can achieve this fun look without feeling too overburdened or uncomfortable. A simple black and white color palette will keep you looking mature, hardworking, and responsible, while also providing a sleekness to an oversized silhouette. Without the embellished ballet flats, this look just wouldn’t pay the same homage to a classic, 90’s power mom outfit. People better take you more seriously after seeing this look.

10 Cute Professional Outfits For Work That Are Fashionable And Fresh

8. Sleek And Shiny

A good no-fuss, roll-out-of-bed rule for styling your cute professional outfits for work is to go monochromatic. Crisp white will give you the air of freshness that you might not be feeling in the early morning, and a strong, metallic bootie will give you that fashion edge. The simplicity of this outfit is really what gets me, as well as the casualness that Jessica Wang has attained, even while wearing fly, silver boots. The perfect canvas to showcase your favorite footwear! A pop of colorful shoes would really work with this look, too.

10 Cute Professional Outfits For Work That Are Fashionable And Fresh

9. Hiker Chic

If you love both the outdoors and fashion, try combining the aesthetics to get a rad workwear look that no one would have seen coming. The right statement blouse is a surprising and satisfying addition to a sleek, pleated skirt, especially in an earthy color palette. Although fashion people have been wearing pleated skirts all over the fashion world for a number of years now, a hiker chic vibe will take this classic skirt silhouette to a whole other level. Throw on some booties in another shade of earthy green and you’re sure to be turning some heads!

10 Cute Professional Outfits For Work That Are Fashionable And Fresh

10. Contrasting Stripes

Classic pinstripes get a total makeover when you sandwich your black, pinstripe pants between shoes and a blazer in your favorite hue. Two colors of the same print is a genius solution to the boring, old suit situation, and an accent shoe to match is like icing on the cake. This incredible look from Jenn Ibe is sure to become one of your go-to cute professional outfits for work once you realize how satisfying it is to gaze at the contrast of your pinstripes all day long.

10 Cute Professional Outfits For Work That Are Fashionable And Fresh

Which of these cute professional outfits for work will you be wearing next? Let us know how you choose to style your look in the comments below!

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