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10 Exercise Routines For Every Day Of The Week

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Even the most disciplined gym goer with their routine down pack once had to figure out which muscle groups to work on which days to find a good balance between making sure you work out each muscle group enough to get stronger but not so much that you get injured or overuse the muscle. 

On top of figuring out which muscles to work out on which days you need to figure out which exercises you want to incorporate into your routine to get the most out of your time at the gym. For each of these exercises, you want to do 3-4 sets and between 12-15 repetitions. 

Monday: Lower body and abdominal workout

Monday will be the day that you work out your lower body and abdomen. It’s often said that you shouldn’t skip a leg day. Leg workouts are important for several reasons, yet they are sometimes neglected in favor of upper-body workouts. Instead, you should follow an exercise routine that supports a balanced body, which includes having a strong, stable foundation. 

Leg workouts are an important aspect of a balanced, whole-body fitness routine that builds strength, speed, and stability. It’s important to stay consistent with your leg workouts since these large muscles are an integral part of your overall fitness. Plus, it’s easier for your body to adapt to the workouts and develop good habits that will help you to meet your fitness goals. Strong leg muscles keep your body balanced, which isn’t possible if you focus solely on your upper body.

Working your glutes, quads, and hamstrings with exercises such as deadlifts, squats, and lunges helps to maximize and boost athletic performance. Avoid overtraining your quads and balance your routine to target your glutes and hamstrings as well.

Likewise, core exercises improve your balance and stability. The stomach muscles sometimes are called abs. Core exercises train the muscles in your core to work in harmony. This leads to better balance and steadiness, also called stability. Stability is important whether you’re on the playing field or doing regular activities.

Weighted squats 

Legs press

Leg extensions 

Walking lunges

Bridge kickback

Glute kickback 


Leg raises

Bicycle crunches 


10 Exercise Routines For Every Day Of The Week

Tuesday: Upper body and abdominal workout

Tuesday will incorporate another abdomen workout but alongside that, you will work out your upper body. For your upper body, you will want to work out all the muscles in your arms but different exercises work different muscles. Upper body resistance or strength training has a long list of benefits. It helps you boost muscle strength and endurance in your arms, back, chest, and shoulders. It also helps you burn calories, reduce your risk of injury, and build stronger bones.

When it comes to everyday tasks, stronger upper body muscles help you lift heavy items. Without strengthening these areas, your lower back muscles often have to compensate for the arms and shoulders, which can result in strain, unexplained pain, or an overuse injury.

For best results, try to do an upper body workout a few times a week.

Skull crushers and tricep extensions will work the triceps (the muscles in the back of your upper arm) and the bicep and hammer curls will work your biceps. It’s important to have both of those types of curls in your routine because there are two different bicep muscles and these two different exercises work both of those muscles. 

For your abdomen, it’s important to mix up the exercises to prevent any plateau in your progress. For your exercises this day will be regular planks which will work out your entire abdomen, side planks will work your obliques, and bicycle crunches will work your lower abdomen. 

Bicep Curls

Hammer curls

Preacher hammer curls

Tricep extensions

Skull crusher


Side plank

Russian twist

Bicycle crunches

10 Exercise Routines For Every Day Of The Week

Wednesday: Lower body and chest workout

Wednesday is when you will come back to work out your lower body and alongside that, you will target your chest area. In addition to your back and shoulder muscles, your pecs help to stabilize the shoulder joint. Better Breathing: In addition to improving your posture, strengthening and lengthening chest muscles helps to support deeper breathing. That’s because the pecs are attached to your ribs, which expand with every breath.

Again, it’s important that you mix up the types of exercises for every muscle group. Chess, bench, and dumbbell presses are great ways to work out your chest along with dumbbell flies and cable crosses. 

For your lower body, you’ll be doing frog jumps which will work on your endurance as well as lower body strength. You also have deadlifts to cable kickbacks and leg lifts. 

Chest Press

Bench press

Dumbbell Flies

Cable Cross

Dumbbell Press

Front Squats

Leg Curls 

Stiff Leg Deadlift

Weighted Curtsy Lunges 

Frog Jumps

Glutes Cable Kickbacks

Side Cable Leg Lifts

10 Exercise Routines For Every Day Of The Week

Thursday: Upper Body and Abdominal Workout

Thursday will come back around to work the upper body and abdomen. Side lateral and front raises, and v-bar cable rows will work on your shoulders while the lat pulldown, Arnold, and military presses will work your back muscles. 

After that, the abdomen workout will consist of planks, crunches, plank jacks, and leg raise. 

Lat Pulldown 

See Also

One-arm dumbbell rows

V bar cable rows

Arnold Press

Military Press

Side Lateral Raises

Front Raises




Plank Jacks

Leg Raises

10 Exercise Routines For Every Day Of The Week

Friday: Lower body workout

Lastly, for Friday you will come back to a lower-body workout. Weighted close squats, hip thrusts, sitting calf raises, hip extensions, and hyperextensions are good exercises to put into the cycle of exercises for the week. 

After all your workouts, you want to make sure you stretch to lessen any soreness you might feel afterward. Saturday and Sunday are the days for rest and light cardio before you start all over on Monday.

Weighted close squats

Step up lunges

Side-to-side walking squats

Walking lunges

Calf raises 

Sitting calf raises

Hip thrust

Hip extensions 


10 Exercise Routines For Every Day Of The Week

How often do you guys work out? What exercises do you do on Friday as opposed to Monday? Let us know in the comments below!

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