10 Hairstyles The Top Hairstylist Are Wearing

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Hairstyles, like the fashion cycle, change constantly. They are ever-evolving and hairstylists are usually the first to know which styles are hot for the upcoming year. Here are ten styles that the top stylists are wearing, and you should be too!

1. The Modern Shag

The Shag was made popular in the 1970s, most famously by Rockstars and rule-breaking actresses; Jane Fonda, Mick Jagger, and David Bowie to name a few. Many of the fashions and beauty trends from the late 1990s and early 2000s have come back into the beauty industry today and the shag is another making its rounds throughout the industry, it is chic, rebellious, and edgy.

Combining wispy bangs, feathered, soft layers, various lengths with the maximum body! The shag celebrates the organic, natural beauty trends that we are seeing explode within the industry today and can be formulated to work with your natural texture, and bodes well with short, medium, and long lengths, allowing for ease of styling and minimal maintenance, it is truly effortless. Gone are the days of Kardashian sleek hair and perfectly sculpted waves, making way for the au-natural, free-spirited, rebellious shag. 

10 Hairstyles The Top Hairstylist Are Wearing

10 Hairstyles The Top Hairstylist Are Wearing

2. Money Pieces! 

Our nostalgia for the late 1990s and early 2000 has brought back the infamous money piece, with a modern twist. While these highlights can be placed throughout the head, Money pieces are often placed framing the face, using a balayage technique that starts at the root and flows down to the end. This trend has been embraced by hairstylists within recent years and has become a mainstream trend for 2020. 

Money Piece highlights can be very bold or rather subtle. This look has been seen worn by Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, and Emma Roberts alike. Try a bold new look with a color blocking placement, or a softer look that blends in with your current color, the options are endless. Money Pieces are very wearable and help to highlight the natural face shape. This color technique can highlight your natural complexion, make your color pop, and allow for an easy outgrowth without any harsh lines between the highlight and your natural color. They can also be a fun way to embrace some of that 90s nostalgia and give yourself a pop of color, allowing you to be dramatic and bold or subtle and well blended. 

10 Hairstyles The Top Hairstylist Are Wearing

3. Short Cuts (Especially) Bobs

Long locks are out and the short cut is in. Harry Josh, a celebrity hairstylist predicts that the short hair trend will weed out the excessive long hair and extensions that became popular over the last few years. We are seeing this look displayed on Kaia Gerber, Khloe Kardashian, and Katy Perry alike. The Bob is being worn with limited layering and textured pieces, allowing for body and movement throughout the haircut. The Bob is very versatile and can be worn sleek and sexy or messy and natural.

10 Hairstyles Top Hairstylist Are Wearing

4. Natural Texture

Many hairstylists are wearing their hair with a ton of texture this year, as texture throughout continues to be a major trend for 2020. You can accentuate your natural texture by embracing texture products and heated styling tools. If you have natural curls, using a curl-enhancing shampoo and conditioner will help to moisten your curls and allow for the maximum bounce, such as DevaCurl No-Poo original. If your hair is lacking in curl, using a beach spray or texture spray such as Davines Dry Texturizer will help to give your hair a textured, tousled look. 

10 Hairstyles Top Hairstylist Are Wearing

5. Disconnected Undercuts

Stylists are wearing the Disconnected Undercut in nearly every salon! Disconnected Undercuts have become a popular trend for both men and women this year. This undercut relies on the maximum contrast between the top and sides of the head. Women are wearing it with the back and sides shaved underneath the longer top, where men are creating disconnected undercuts through fades and hard part lines. The undercut is not only cool, but it can help to eliminate density and heaviness, helping to eliminate headaches from hair weight. This edgy hairstyle is easy to maintain and can be very dramatic! There are many ways to wear the undercut, the ponytail undercut is a less dramatic version of the Disconnected Undercut, allowing for a more subtle look. 

10 Hairstyles The Top Hairstylists Are Wearing

6. Modern Mullet 

The mullet has returned with a vengeance, with celebrities across the board showcasing the style, from Miley to Billie Eilish. The mullet was made popular in the 1970s by bikers, rockers, and celebrities alike. It allowed individuals to feel rebellious and edgy. The modern mullet is cut shorter to the head, with wispy bangs, a longer nape, and lots, and lots of texture! The textured, feathered pieces help to showcase the natural shape and beauty of the face while allowing for maximum volume and movement in the back. This style is no longer seen with excess length in the back, rather a shorter, textured style that hits just below the neckline. It’s time to embrace business in the front, party in the back that all of the cool girls are wearing!

10 hairstyles Top Hairstylist Are Wearing

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7. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs are shaggy, effortless, and work with every face shape! As women, we agonize over whether or not to get bangs. Will they look good on my round face? Will I love them for two weeks and then absolutely regret every second of the grow-out process? Probably. Curtain Bangs solve just that. Curtain Bangs can be worn at any length, from short and textured to long and shaggy. They are very versatile and frame the face perfectly. This look was made popular in the 1970s as well by Brigitte Bardot and Farrah Fawcett (see a pattern for 2020?) Curtain bangs can accentuate a shaggy, layered look or a sleek and sexy style.

10 Hairstyles Top Hairstylist Are Wearing

8. Chandelier Layers

Speaking of Farrah, her signature chandelier layered cut is also back in style! Her hair was big, bouncy, and feathered. All encompassed into one beautiful, vibrant style. Essentially this style consists of long length, textured layers, face-framing pieces, and bangs…Curtain Bangs preferably. The textured layers and face-framing pieces give maximum volume to the hair, require little styling, and are incredibly effortless! 

10 Hairstyles The Top Hairstylist Are Wearing

9. Textured Braids 

Textured braids have become very popular within the past few years however, the braided style has been worn by women for hundreds of years. Braids are a timeless style. From Dutch Braids, Fishtails, Rope Braids and Bubbled French braids, bringing maximum texture can help to liven up the once overdone style and make them more modern and unique while accentuating your personal style. Throw some hair accessories or glitter gold into the braid and you’re ready for a night on the town!

10 Hairstyles The Top Hairstylists Are Wearing

10. Warm Colors

Hair color, like cuts, is continuously evolving with the changing style and times. Hairstyles change based on the fashions worn for the year, the yearly Pantone color, and the effects of our changing world. This year, stylists are embracing warm colors; deep Chocolate Browns, Ruby Reds, Ginger, and Copper Blondes. Adding warm highlights to a deeper hue can refresh your fall color and adds dimension and contrast throughout the hair color and adding a coper root to your warm blonde can accentuate and brighten the lighter tones in your hair. To achieve this look, be sure to consult with your stylist and discuss hues such as “chocolate, warm ginger, plum, or cinnamon” and the best hue to match your skin tone.

10 Hairstyles The Top Hairstylist Are Wearing

2020 has been a very different year, with fashion and beauty trends influenced by current events that are making us all want to feel a little freer. These hairstyles allow us to feel less weighed down and let us express some rebellion and playfulness while cooped up in your homes. 

Featured Image Source: www.instagram.com/larisadoll/ 

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