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10 Healthy Food Swaps To Make This Summer

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With summer steadily approaching, it’s time to ditch the fast food chains and try to implement some healthy food back into our diets. Here are 10 easy healthy food swaps to make this summer!

1. Swap Energy Drinks For Water

It is incredibly important to remember to drink enough water on a daily basis. Eating healthily is great but healthy beverages are also vital. Not only does it hydrate your body, but water is also refreshing, so there’s absolutely no need to feel guilty after chugging it all down! Additionally, you could swap energy drinks for smoothies. It can sometimes be hard to consume healthy food, such as more fruit and veg, but a smoothie is a simple way to ensure you’re getting your 5 a day!

10 Healthy Food Swaps To Make This Summer

2. Swap Chocolate For A Protein Bar

Healthy food choices are expanding day by day. No longer is healthy food bland and basic. You can satisfy your afternoon chocolate craving by munching on a protein bar, for a quick fix. Not only do they taste AMAZING but they ensure you’re consuming enough protein. You can buy a variety of flavours to satisfy your sweet tooth. Eating healthy food has never been easier!

3. Swap Whole Milk For Unsweetened Almond Milk

This is one of the easiest healthy food swaps to make this summer. Swapping your milk is great as it’s fewer calories and the taste is still amazing, meaning you can continue to have midnight trips to the kitchen for cookies and milk!

10 Healthy Food Swaps To Make This Summer

4. Swap Cocktails For Red Wine

Whilst cutting out or having a detox from alcohol is probably the best thing to do, we all deserve ‘healthy food’ treats. Try swapping cocktails which can be full of sugar and sweeteners for red wine. But, remember, all things in moderation and drink responsibly.

5. Swap Cereal For Grain-Free Granola

Cereal is fine but granola is a much better healthy food swap to make. It tastes delicious, it contains fibre, protein and all of the good stuff your body is oh so desperately craving for. Grab yourself a bowl and tuck in! Perfect for breakfast or snacking.

10 Healthy Food Swaps To Make This Summer

6. Swap French Fries For Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries are exceptionally yummy! This is one of the easiest food swaps to make this summer – they taste sweeter yet they’re healthier and much better for the body. Avoid excessive dips, sides and dressing(s) to take your new healthy food diet to another level.

7. Swap Sour Cream For Greek Yoghurt

Sour cream is a summer must-have, it’s tangy yet sweet and perfect with EVERYTHING! Try swapping sour cream for Greek yoghurt as a healthy food substitute. Simple food swaps like this will transform your diet and give your body the re-charge it needs.

10 Healthy Food Swaps To Make This Summer

8. Swap Mayonaise For Avocado

Try swapping the widely-loved mayonnaise for avocado, in meals, like chicken and egg salads to add some healthy fats into your diet!

9. Swap Fruit Juice For Coconut Water

Like mentioned previously, healthy food is just as important as healthy drinks. many fruit juices have electrolytes, but they are also often packed with sugar. Try natural coconut water – it’s loaded with potassium and electrolytes, and it’s great for summer as it’s SO refreshing! It also aids in digestion, it’s anti-ageing and it improves memory and learning. Why not try making ice pops with coconut water? A great healthy food summer treat!

10 Healthy Food Swaps To Make This Summer

10. Swap Ice Cream For Banana Ice Cream

Regular ice cream is crammed full of sugar, so I hate to break it to you, but unfortunately, ice cream is not healthy. Ditch the sugar-packed ice cream for a frozen banana ‘ice cream’ alternative. All you have to do is simply blend one frozen banana in your high-speed blender until it reaches the creamy and soft texture of ice cream.

Are you going to try any of these healthy food swaps for summer? Share your favourite ones below!

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