10 Of Our Favorite Active Wear Brands

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Slowly, but surely, it seems that we can get away with wearing activewear without having to do the active part of the name. This fashion has become increasingly more fashionable and durable to last longer in your everyday wear and workouts. Here is a look at our 10 favorite activewear brands!

1. Girlfriend Collective

This is probably our top favorite of all the activewear brands for the specific reasons of size inclusivity and tons of options! Girlfriend offers sizes from an XXS-6XL in almost all of their products.

Girlfriend offers a large range of activewear from sports bras to leggings to workout tops, GF will have you covered and looking great for your next workout. Another reason why we love this brand is because of its sustainable efforts to support our planet!

10 Of Our Favorite Active Wear Brands

2. Lululemon

A fitness cult classic, Lulu is leading in all things activewear and accessories for both men and women. While some might be turned off by the heavy price tag, you are paying for the brand’s quality that will last from workout to workout.

Right now we are loving the Align Biker Shorts and the Wunder Under Leggings for lounging on the couch or walking the dog. A must-have that you should add to your cart is the Fly Away Tamer Headbands to top off your famous workout topknot!

10 Of Our Favorite Active Wear Brands

3. Outdoor Voices

The most recent piece to come from Outdoor Voices that we are currently obsessing over is the famous exercise dress! This activewear dress has short underneath and adjustable straps to keep everything together while you do all the things.

Outdoor Voices offers so many fun prints and patterns in their activewear so you can keep it fun while working out. For all of our studious students at college, OV offers a great student discount so that you can study in style.

10 Of Our Favorite Active Wear Brands

4. Athleta

Another size-inclusive brand, Athleta is not the GAP brand that you remember. With sizes up to 3XL, there are lots to choose from with materials that will last forever regardless of the activities you are doing.

Athleta offers more than just your typical leggings and tank workout outfit, but dresses, rompers, pants, undergarments, and lots more over on their Site! Gear up for summer and tanning by taking a look at their new swim collection.

10 Of Our Favorite Active Wear Brands

5. North Face

Remember your fleece jacket that everyone had after Christmas break in elementary school, this activewear is not the same! While the fleece was super comfortable, you will definitely love the rest that North Face has to offer.

This is a great option for our more outdoorsy gals as North Face offers gear that will hold up even in the toughest conditions. For those hard winter month workouts, you can count on the North Face to keep you warm as you move your body and close those Apple Watch Rings!

10 Of Our Favorite Active Wear Brands

6. FP Movement

You already love the endless styles brought by Free People, you now need all of their activewear! Just as comfy and cozy as the rest of the brand, you will have the classic Free People look even while you are working out at the gym or on the go.

The alternative designs on Free People are mirrored over to their activewear with fun and new styles and of course a few classics with that Free People twist. We think that FP Movement will look great in your next gym mirror selfie!

10 Of Our Favorite Active Wear Brands

7. Alo Yoga

This brand is definitely for our cool girls and aspiring fitness influencers. As seen on Kendall Jenner, this activewear brand will have you as the coolest person at the gym with these pieces! Our favorites as of right now are the one-shoulder bodysuits, tanks, and sports bras for looking pretty or working hard at the gym.

In the market for pretty gear? Alo has you covered with pretty options in yoga mats, bands, blocks, towels, and much more as you get your sweat on. You can trust that these pieces will last with all of the hard work you are putting in!

10 Of Our Favorite Active Wear Brands

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8. Gymshark

If you follow even one fitness guru on Instagram, you have for sure seen Gymshark on a number of models and influencers. Gymshark is largely known for its seamless material that fits and stretches to your shape and will stay put in all times of your workout.

If you love the matching set look, then Gymshark is your destination for all things matching. Gymshark offers activewear for both men and women, so you are bound to find something that you love and to add to your growing workout clothes collection!

10 Of Our Favorite Active Wear Brands

9.  Z by Zella, Zella

A secret activewear brand that we recently found in the racks of Nordstrom is the one and only Zella or Z by Zella. Look hard enough and you will find the greatest deals on Nordstrom Rack for a great discount on some great activewear.

Similar to other studio wear, Z by Zella has great post-workout looks to take you from the gym to dinner while still looking tight, toned, and super stylish. Want to match with bae? Zella has some great options for men so that you both can be cozy in your new activewear.

10 Of Our Favorite Active Wear Brands

10. Sweaty Betty

For our Peloton riders, you might have seen the famous workout jumpsuit debuted on one of the instructors during a ride. Want to steal the look? Sweaty Betty is the answer to all of your fitness wear dreams. Sweaty Betty shows their looks on a diverse range of models so you can see the pieces on all body types.

These leggings will move with you in each and every workout so you can look great while getting those steps in!

10 Of Our Favorite Active Wear Brands

Where are your favorite pair of leggings from? Do you prefer to pay a low dollar for activewear or do you like to invest in your outfits? Tell us about it in the comments!

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