10 Outstanding Fitness Trainers You Need To Follow On Social Media

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A big part about being successful in your fitness journey is finding a fitness trainer who is motivating, entertaining, and knows what they’re doing. There are certain fitness icons that you have to know about if you’re ready to kick off your fitness journey. If you don’t already follow these fitness trainers and influencers on social media, grab your phone and do it now!

1. Ranier Pollard

Ranier Pollard is a fitness trainer and entertainer that will have you sweating and cracking up during your entire workout. He’s a trainer and coach on Popsugar Fitness, Supernatural, and Equinox. Fun fact: he’s also a world record holder for doing the most burpees in stiletto heels in one minute! Ranier has such an outgoing and motivating personality that makes you want to keep pushing yourself no matter how exhausted you get. He also makes each workout an enjoyable experience by cracking a lot of jokes and throwing in some twerking sessions now and then. Whoever said exercise can’t be fun needs to follow Ranier Pollard on social media right now!

10 Outstanding Fitness Trainers You Need To Follow On Social Media

2. Charlee Atkins

Charlee Atkins is another fun fitness trainer that posts tons of useful health and fitness content on her social media pages. She’s also the founder of a fitness app called Le Sweat. You can find various exercises in this app, including HIIT workouts, strength training, cardio sessions, yoga, and stretching sessions. Charlee always has a smile on her face during her workouts and has something for everyone, regardless of fitness level. If you enjoy having an enthusiastic fitness trainer who cares about your health and wellbeing, you’ll love following Charlee online.

10 Outstanding Fitness Trainers You Need To Follow On Social Media

3. Betina Gozo

Betina Gozo’s workouts are a ton of fun, but they’ll also leave you feeling sore the next day! She’s a Nike master fitness trainer who will get you to work every single body part during her workout sessions. You can easily see how much of a passion she has for fitness and how much she enjoys helping others achieve their fitness goals. Betina wants you to succeed, so she’s always there to motivate and encourage you during your workouts. Fun fact: she’s also the founder of a nonprofit organization called Dance With Mweyne.

10 Outstanding Fitness Trainers You Need To Follow On Social Media

4. Brittne Jackson

Brittne Jackson, better known as Brittne Babe on social media, is all about making fitness available for anybody at any time or place. Her social media pages feature a lot of home workouts, and she’s always promoting her 21 Day Challenge, where her followers can post their fitness progress. Whether you want to lose, gain, or maintain your weight, Brittne’s workouts will help. You can find a variety of exercises on her social media page and website that are excellent for toning up, losing weight, or getting stronger. Also an outgoing fitness trainer, you’ll find a lot of impromptu dancing in some of her videos.

10 Outstanding Fitness Trainers You Need To Follow On Social Media

5. Jeanette Jenkins

Jeanette Jenkins has an easygoing personality, but her workouts are anything but that! This is one fitness trainer that will have you drenched at the end of your workout. But you won’t even notice because of how motivating she is and how much fun she makes her workouts. Jeanette shares a lot of high- and low-impact exercises on her social media pages and website, so she caters to any fitness level. Jeanette also has hundreds of workouts, healthy recipes, meal plans, and much more on her website, The Hollywood Trainer Club.

10 Outstanding Fitness Trainers You Need To Follow On Social Media

6. Justin and Taylor Norris

Justin and Taylor Norris are fitness trainers that are perfect if you’re just beginning your fitness journey. They post mainly low-impact, high-intensity workouts that will leave you sweaty and feeling strong. Many of their workouts are also great for correcting posture and preventing injuries, so you’ll be building both physical and mental strength with these two. Justin mostly leads the workouts, and he’s nothing but a big ball of energy that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Taylor, on the other hand, is more laid back, but she’s just as encouraging. Justin and Taylor post a lot of workouts on their social media pages, and they also offer products and even more workouts on their website for their business, Lit Method.

10 Outstanding Fitness Trainers You Need To Follow On Social Media

7. Anna Renderer

If you work out with Anna Renderer, it’ll be impossible not to have a good time. She is the kindest fitness trainer you can find online and is always motivating you throughout the entire process. Not to mention that her playful banter makes the workouts even more enjoyable. Anna’s goal is to help people feel confident in themselves by teaching them healthy habits for incredible results. On her social media pages and website, you can learn about nutrition, fitness, and how to have a healthy mindset so you can achieve your wellness goals.

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10 Outstanding Fitness Trainers You Need To Follow On Social Media

8. Nathan McCallum

Nathan McCallum is an Australian fitness trainer you’ll want to follow if you enjoy getting fit and having a good laugh. He’s all about helping and inspiring other people by his example. You can also learn a lot from him about how to make a positive impact on others. Nathan offers a strength coaching program called Milestone Strength that helps people build a stronger and happier version of themselves. His Instagram page is also full of target area workouts, strength training, cardio, and some dancing and humorous content from time to time. He also has an amazing taste in music, so that makes his videos even more entertaining!

10 Outstanding Fitness Trainers You Need To Follow On Social Media

9. Lisa Lanceford

Known as LisaFiit on her social media channels, Lisa Lanceford is a fun and influential fitness trainer from the U.K. She likes to share her transformation story on her social media pages, which inspired a lot of people and made her into a fitness icon. Lisa shows people the benefits of strength training and clean eating, and also posts tips and tricks on how to have proper form when working out. You’ll find a good amount of workout videos on her social media pages and some fun content with her husband. Lisa is also the creator of a health and fitness app called Strong and Sxy.

10 Outstanding Fitness Trainers You Need To Follow On Social Media

10. Christa DiPaolo

Christa DiPaolo is all about creating a balance of fitness and fun, ensuring that you have an enjoyable workout every single time! She’s the creator and founder of Boxing and Bubbles, where you can access a variety of online workouts. With plenty of boxing and fitness experience, Christa is dedicated to helping people feel empowered and making people’s fitness journey as pleasurable as possible. Luckily her bubbly personality makes working out a lot of fun!

10 Outstanding Fitness Trainers You Need To Follow On Social Media

Working out with a great fitness trainer can turn a dreadful workout into a pleasant one. These instructors are genuinely passionate about what they do and are dedicated to helping others achieve their goals. How many of these fitness instructors do you follow on social media? Comment below!

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