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10 Signs That You Are Only His Booty Call

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You’ve met this guy that seems to be your perfect match but you are not sure if you are just his booty call or if love is “in the air”? There’s nothing wrong with being someone’s booty call… As long as you both are on the same page and feel good about it.

The problem here is that you are probably falling in love and thinking that things will escalate to something more serious cause “love conquers all”…Well turns out that it doesn’t work like that always!

Been there, done that and believe me when I say, these 10 signs will help you identify what’s cooking.

1. Date Nights Turn Into “Sex Nights”

You know you are in the booty call zone when instead of calling you to go to the movies, to grab something to eat or just to go on a trip together turns into another night at a motel or his place. And everything from the moment you arrive till the moment you leave its plain sex.

There no talking, getting to know more about your interests, your friends or family. Don’t be naive and believe that he doesn’t’ do these things with his friends or other people, he just doesn’t do it with you included.

10 Signs That You Are Only His Booty Call

2. You don’t Spend Holidays And Long Weekends Together

You have the booty call feeling when you don’t hear from him on Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Federal Holidays or any other holiday that translates into having a day off of work.

Who doesn’t want to have the smallest excuse to spend some good time with the person that makes you go bananas?!

10 Signs That You Are Only His Booty Call

3. He Never Makes Plans Ahead With You

It’s Thursday and you haven’t heard from him since last week when you both got dehydrated after a long sex encounter. That is the booty call alarm!

If he never calls you to plan out a fun day or weekend together days in advance, it’s because he’s either not interested or considers he has better plans than that.

4. You Have Never Met His Friends Or Family

This is another booty call alarm! You have never been introduced to any of his friends or family and even when he gets a call from someone in front of you he’d rather lie than saying who is he with.

If you think that 5 months is not enough for him to introduce you to his roommate who sees you going into the room every time you get his booty call, girl you are being so naive!

If you matter to him, he’ll make sure to let everyone know the great catch he’s got!

5. He Never Calls You Before Midnight

You never get a text from him during the week, he never calls to say hi or know how you’ve been… He just calls you when he wants some booty call action and that usually happens after midnight.

This is 2019! With all the technology, messaging and Wi-fi free places to go to he has no excuse whatsoever as to send you a plain text message saying “how you doing?”. Most probably you text him and it takes him hours or days to reply and he will always have an excuse for that.

10 Signs That You Are Only His Booty Call

6. Cuddling Doesn’t Exist At The End Of The Encounter

Don’t expect him to hug or spoon with you at the end of that wild sex session! He most probably will run away and leave after his need has been satisfied.

There’s not even any other sign of affection before or after sex, he won’t hold your hand, kiss your forehead or cheeks nor even hug you.

10 Signs That You Are Only His Booty Call

7.  When You Need Support He Is Never Around

You texted him to tell him you feel terrible because your dog died and he says he can’t talk because he is busy.

Not only that but after that text message you hear again from him 5 days later at midnight… Booty call!

8. Everything You Say Translates Into Sex

There’s not a single thing you could mention that won’t make him translate it into sex. You are probably trying to get off your chest a serious situation that happened to you and his response might be something like: “you need to relax, sex will make you feel better”.

9. Nothing Else Happens Outside A Bedroom

So you feel like having some sushi tonight after that sex session but he prefers to order some food rather than taking you out to that favorite restaurant of yours.

Maybe he just wants to “recharge” after eating and go for a second round.

10 Signs That You Are Only His Booty Call

10. He Doesn’t Do The “Relationship” Talk

Every time you try to talk about how much you’d like to have something serious with somebody he changes the subject or says he’s running late.

One of the best sex experiences you might have in your life could come with a booty call, cause you get to experiment and just enjoy yourselves. The problem is when you start involving feelings or thoughts towards the other person but don’t get the same thing back.
The best thing you can do is setting things straight up from the beginning or cutting it off before you get hurt! Do you know any other sign that wasn’t mentioned? Share them with us below!
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I’m a Dominican writer, currently living in the UK. Passioned about writing and photography, love getting to know new people and learning from different cultures.

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