10 Signs Your Soul Mate Is Your Best Friend

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Some of us go through life believing that our soul mate has to be the person that we are dating but this is not always the case. For some people, they will find their soul mate in someone they can share their life, their home and their children with but not everyone will have this experience. It is important that we acknowledge and normalise the importance of platonic love and talk more about how a best friend can be a soul mate in the same way a partner can. So don’t fear if you haven’t found yours just yet or have perhaps found it in a friend, here are 10 signs your soul mate may just be your best friend after all!

1. You Spend More Time With Them

If you have a partner or you are single, you will probably notice yourself spending time with one person more than another person. If you like to spend time away from your partner because spending time with this friend brings you just as much comfort or perhaps is the only person you feel understands you that is a sign they may be a soul mate. And if you are single, this could point toward the person that you are around most. Our hearts don’t lie and that pull we feel toward one particular person is usually a sign that they are more important to us than the average friend. After all the people we are around most, we usually become alike!

10 Signs Your Soul Mate Is Your Best Friend

2. They Are The First Person You Go To

Whether you have received good news or bad news, the first person you immediately want to share this information with demonstrates who you feel coolest and most comfortable confiding it. Being able to trust someone in any kind of relationship is very important and in some cases, the people we trust most are our best friends. If you notice that you turn to one person more than anyone else and that you feel safest speaking to this friend, your best friend could be your perfect match. You should be able to tell your soul mate anything that’s on your mind.

10 Signs Your Soul Mate Is Your Best Friend

3. They Know Something Other People Don’t

Chances are if someone knows a secret or perhaps just something you couldn’t imagine sharing with the general public that you’ve found a soul mate of some kind. This can also present itself as instantly feeling comfortable with this friend and not experiencing an awkward period, from the moment you met you felt that you could tell them your secrets and now they know things about you that nobody else does. This speaks volumes. Your compatible person will know everything there is to know about you and they will be a fortress when it comes to this information.

10 Signs Your Soul Mate Is Your Best Friend

4. You Can Withstand A Fight

Many friendships and relationships fail when it comes to debating the biggest topics. If you can fight with your best friend and do so in a way that sees you’ve both grown when it’s over and that it doesn’t define your connection then your best friend could be your soul mate. It’s important that you can have these hard conversations with them and you will find that the fights never last for long. Fighting with your best friend is not a bad sign, you should be able to communicate like that and have heated conversations. Your feelings are valid after all and your soul mate will know this.

10 Signs Your Soul Mate Is Your Best Friend

5. They Fit Into Your Family

If your best friend feels like a part of your family then they could be your soul mate. Your partner will not always compliment the energy that you and your family share but your soul mate will fit right in with your siblings and parents. So it could be a sign your matching soul is your best friend if they feel more like a sister than a friend.

10 Signs Your Soul Mate Is Your Best Friend

6. They Are Your Biggest Fan

Your soul mate should want to see you win and this means that they will in most cases be your biggest supporter. Whether they support you in your passions or just in your life you will know you’ve found a soul mate in a best friend if their support drives you and is always there for you to fall back on when things get hard.

10 Signs Your Soul Mate Is Your Best Friend

7. You Share Similar Goals

This is a big one as a soul mate should relate to you on every level that is important. If you and your friend both like similar music that does not make them your soul mate but if this friend shares your values and goals and you agree on issues that often divide others then they could be sign you’ve found your soul mate.

10 Signs Your Soul Mate Is Your Best Friend

8. You’ve Overcome A Lot

If you and your best friend have overcome moments in life that no one else could support or stand by you through then chances are that your best friend is a soul mate. Some situations and experiences end friendships and relationships but if you can make it through and still care for one another when everyone else has fled then you know this is an important bond.

10 Signs Your Soul Mate Is Your Best Friend

9. They See Lives In You

This one means that when this person looks at you and you look at them that you seem more in them than just anyone does. Their eyes are more like gateways and you can communicate just by watching them because you know what exists within them and understand this when it counts. You see strength and complex emotions, you see someone brave and someone afraid, you see an entire country and you know they are a world of their own. A soul mate sees this way.

10 Signs Your Soul Mate Is Your Best Friend

10. They’ve Helped You Grow

One of the most important things a soul mate can do is make us grow. They challenge us and inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be and they don’t take any excuses if we are making poor choices. A best friend can be a soul mate if they’ve played a part in making us who we are.

10 Signs Your Soul Mate Is Your Best Friend

It’s important to note that you can have more than just one soul mate in your life, you will probably have many as you grow and change but your best friend could be one of them!

Is your best friend your soul mate? Let us know in the comments below what you feel a soul mate is!

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