10 Ways To Change Up Your Workout

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When exercising starts to become something that you dread rather than looking forward to it, then you know you need to make a change. You know that you want to get your steps in and move your body throughout the day but in a way that keeps it fun and interesting! Before you give up and give in, check out these 10 ways that you can change up your workout! These new workout ideas will have you motivated in no time.

1. Answer Some Questions

Before you make any life-altering decisions about your fitness and health, ask yourself some questions to get down to the point. What about your current fitness routine is annoying or boring to you? Are you properly fueling your body to get the most out of your workouts? How much of a change are you wanting to make?

Once you solidify these answers, go from here! If you are feeling weaker during your training, adjust your diet to more filling and fueling foods to carry you through your workout. Try out a new workout or try working out at a different time. These little changes can equate to something much bigger for you!

10 Ways To Change Up Your Workout

2. Add Some New Tracks to Your Workout Playlist

Maybe you need to try out a completely new genre to listen to during your workouts! Spotify and other streaming services offer tons of curated playlists with different moods that you might have during your training.

You might find that you listen to a completely different genre during your workouts then you might listen to in the car! Another suggestion to switch up your listening game is to switch to podcasts so you can listen to some educational content!

10 Ways To Change Up Your Workout

3. Treat Yourself to New Active Wear

A small and simple trick to maybe fix your problem in your training is to treat yourself to some new activewear to wear during your new workout! When you feel good and confident in your outfit (even your workout gear) you perform better and your feel stronger.

Take this same mentality to your time at the gym with a new pair of leggings or some new running shoes! You have been working hard towards your fitness goals that you deserve that new sports bra you’ve been eyeing at Lululemon.

10 Ways To Change Up Your Workout

4. Sign Up For A New Class

Maybe you need to find something new that you will love! If you have never tried a spin class or a yoga class, be daring and put your name down for a class one day. Most studios around your town offer a free class if it is your first time too! This might be the thing that helps to get your out of your funk with working out. And it also might be the new workout that you love and continue to do for your daily workouts.

10 Ways To Change Up Your Workout

5. Workout With A Friend

Working out by yourself can get sort of boring. Some days you really need it when you need the emotional and physical release that working out brings, but other days, it’s a little lonely and boring. Either recruit a fellow gym rat to start meeting you at the gym or drag along your bestie to your next spin class!

You can kill two birds with one stone in this way by catching up with your friend and getting your workout in too. You might even be introduced to a new workout in the midst of it!

10 Ways To Change Up Your Workout

6. Try Working Out At Home

Working out at a gym or fitness studio can be both beneficial and detrimental to your workouts due to the social aspect of it. Maybe you are feeling a little burnt out due to the fact that you have to perform in a way when you go to the gym every day.

Put off the stress of it all and move your new workout to your garage or spare bedroom for a little bit. You might find that you like the privacy and space that you have at home compared to the gym! Check out this piece on why I canceled my gym membership, and maybe you should too! 

10 Ways To Change Up Your Workout

7. Visit With a Trainer

Sometimes your gym right has training coaches on staff to help you out and you should definitely utilize this membership perk! They can help you build a routine that will help you reach your fitness goals as well as give you tips and tricks for amping up your new workout.

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10 Ways To Change Up Your Workout

8. Try A New Workout

We have all been in the same rut that you are in! You know, the one where you do your normal 1 mile run followed by some abs and stretching, and it’s off to the showers! But maybe it’s time for something new! You’re a big runner, but did you know that you could probably benefit from some yoga classes here and there. Or even some spinning classes as crazy as it may seem!

Try out something you have never done before whether that is signing up for a class or searching it up on YouTube. Who knows, you might end up loving it!

10 Ways To Change Up Your Workout

9. Move It Outside

A simple solution to the biggest problem in your training might be to just move it outside! If you love to run on the treadmill, the answer is simple in taking some of your miles to the road and letting the fresh air and sunshine work all of your problems out! Even a yogi or HIIT lover can easily take their training to the backyard; the weather is just perfect!

10 Ways To Change Up Your Workout

10. Take a Breather

The issue that you might be facing could be some pain in your daily training. If that is the reason, maybe take a few days off to see if the problem fixes itself out!

This can be a sign that you are going too hard and that your body needs some time off to recover and build those muscles to be even stronger. So instead of a new workout, take a breather and put some active rest in your workout plan for the week!

10 Ways To Change Up Your Workout

Which new workout are you going to try out next? What has helped you to get out of a workout funk when you needed a change? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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