10 Ways To Dress Like A Rainbow

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Do you want to feel brighter than life?! Dressing like a rainbow is a great way to boost your mood and to help you feel the most flirty. Instead of fully wearing the print, you can also mix and match colors. Follow this guide to dressing as bright as the sun and as colorful as a rainbow.

1. Romantic

Try wearing a simple tank top with thin or spaghetti string straps in a sea or sky blue color. Add a full, A-line skirt with a ruffle or pleated hem. You can add dangling earrings in silver-tone and open-toe heels. To add a bit of spontaneity, wear sandals that have rainbow pompoms!  This look can be paired with an envelope clutch or a small circle clutch with a sequin or beaded print. Wear your hair in voluminous curls for a sultry vibe.

10 Ways To Dress Like A Rainbow

 2. Bold

If you want a fall look, try wearing a lime green skirt that stops a little past your calves and a hot pink turtle neck. Add a long, orange trench or overcoat. You can wear blue tights and pink open-toe heels. Or, opt for long boots that can be worn above the knee, to give the illusion of tights. Your shoes can be in cobalt blue that has a more rounded toe. Add a hot pink handbag that fits over your shoulder in a fanny pack style. Wear your hair in a low bun and add neutral makeup.

10 Ways To Dress Like A Rainbow

3. Casual

An easy way to wear more than one color within your outfit is to break the colors with a pair of jeans. Jeans create a neutral pallet, allowing you to add bright pink or purple. Try wearing skinny jeans in a light wash and a white t-shirt to start the base of your outfit. Add hot pink pointed-toe pumps and a teal blue trench coat. Match your coat directly with your handbag by wearing an oversized clutch that folds in a paper bag-like fashion, versus an envelope clutch. Finish your look with aviator sunglasses and a bright pink lip.

10 Ways To Dress Like A Rainbow

4. Edgy

If you want to actually wear rainbow print, you can achieve a chic look by wearing a printed tulle skirt and a white t-shirt. You can also wear a white ruffle blouse. Add nude or white sandals that can be flat or have a heel. Layer your look with a blue moto jacket and mustard, top-handle handbag. If it’s sunny out, add aviator or circle sunglasses. Wear your hair in a low bun, with a middle part. Wear a nude makeup pallet with light-brown lips.

10 Ways To Dress Like A Rainbow

5. Bubbly

For a super fun look, try wearing a matching pant and jacket set. Be sure your two-piece outfit has multiple colors that blend in a seamless way. Add a solid, pink, cropped t-shirt in a scoop neck design. You can wear a long sleeve jacket that is also full length. Or, you can wear a cropped jacket, as well. Wear white sneakers, mid-length white socks,  and dark sunglasses to complete your look. If you need to wear a handbag, choose a backpack or a mini, top-handle bag that has a clasp closure.

10 Ways To Dress Like A Rainbow

6. Bohemian

For a bohemian look, you can wear a paisley dress that has rainbow accents. You can also wear the printed dress and add a rainbow scarf around a low ponytail. You can also leave your hair free or in curls and add the scarf. If you want a belted look, try wearing a scarf around your dress that is sleeveless or has long sleeves. You can add purple flats or sandals. To add glamour to your look, choose a shoe that has embellishments like large bows on each toe or rhinestones and pearls. Wear hoop earrings with matching rhinestones that are medium or small in size.

10 Ways To Dress Like A Rainbow

7. Posh

For a polished look, try wearing a short, a-line skirt in a deep green color. Your skirt can be thigh-length or directly below the knee. Add a white buttoned or collard shirt. For the main piece, wear a rainbow-striped jacket or zip-up sweater. You can cuff your white shirt over your sleeves. Wear a silver-tone watch and top-handle handbag in black or blue. Add oversized sunglasses and dark red lipstick. Keep your hair in bouncy curls all over.

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10 Ways To Dress Like A Rainbow

8. Ombre

Try a look that has transitioning pastel colors, versus deeper colors. You can wear a white, tiered prairie skirt that has layers. Add a circle neck sweater with soft colors that stack against each other but in a flowing way. Wear a straw handbag that doubles as a clutch and white or pink sunglasses. For shoes, try wearing purple pointed-toe pumps.

10 Ways To Dress Like A Rainbow

9. City Chic

For a cool way to dress when running errands in the city, try wearing a striped long sleeve shirt. You can add a handbag that matches a color in your shirt with a green or blue crossbody. Add dark-wash skinny jeans and circle glasses in white or pink! Coordinate your look with fuchsia pink flats or sandals.

10 Ways To Dress Like A Rainbow

10. Sporty

For a sporty look, you can color block with a full or cropped sweater. Be sure your top has several color combinations in a square-like pattern. Add pants that have a drawstring in a matching color within your sweater. For example, if your sweater is pink, blue, and yellow, add yellow joggers. Wear sneakers that also compliment your top and athletic bottoms, but they don’t have to directly match. The best option is white shoes that have small colorful accents throughout. Complete your look with a baby blue handbag in a shoulder or top-handle style.

10 Ways To Dress Like A Rainbow

Wearing a colorful outfit doesn’t have to require a lot of thought. Most outfits that keep you bright like a rainbow can easily be achieved by mixing different hues in simple ways. If you’re unsure where to start, the best piece to start with is a bright skirt. You can add more accessories and pieces to build the color, but don’t add too many layers.

With so many ways to dress like a rainbow, which look will you try this summer or fall?

Jessica graduated from AIU Atlanta with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Marketing. When she’s not working hard on writing and designing, she enjoys spending time with family and a good cup of coffee!

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