11 Rachel Green Fashion Inspirations

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Rachel Green is one of the biggest fashion icons for ’90s inspired outfits. Since becoming one of the most recognizable characters after appearing on Friends, Rachel Green has become the image for ’90s fashion inspiration. She has her signature look of a mini skirt and tights, but she also impresses us in so many different outfits. From mini skirts to evening gowns to sweats, Rachel Green knows fashion and knows how to style her looks! With her character working for Ralph Lauren, it is to be expected that Rachel knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to clothes! 

1. Yellow Mini Dress

Rachel wows us in this strapless, yellow mini dress. She wears a variety of outfits and styles throughout her time on Friends, but she is almost always dressed up, or at least giving off the impression that she is dressed up. With such versatility in her outfits, anything she wears will be a winner, and this dress is no exception! Wearing this skin-tight, yellow mini dress will be a sure way to stand out with your fashion. If you are looking for some inspiration for a night out, this is the look to go to! 

11 Rachel Green Fashion Inspirations

2. Green Ensemble

This monochromatic outfit is the perfect look for someone who needs some business attire fashion inspiration. Wearing a green top with a plaid pencil skirt that has green and black incorporated in it is the best way to match your outfit without going overboard. Rachel has some amazing outfits for those of us looking to stay stylish while going to work

11 Rachel Green Fashion Inspirations

3. Turtleneck With Mini Skirt

One of Rachel Green’s signature looks on Friends is wearing a mini skirt. Since she lives in New York City, she is almost always seen wearing tights underneath and a long sleeve shirt. Here, she has a turtleneck to go with her mini skirt and tights. This is one of those looks that is easy to recreate and it is totally worth it! Have a pattern or a fun color on either your top or skirt and then have a neutral tone for the opposite. This way you will be able to wear the outfit for different occasions but also will look stylish at all times. 

11 Rachel Green Fashion Inspirations

4. High Waisted Shorts Tucked Into Top

Here, we have a similar look to the outfit before, but it is actually very different. Of course, the USA top she is wearing adds a level of comfort and makes it more laid back, but the outfit itself is still dressed up. Wearing high waisted shorts with some tights gives this outfit the illusion that she is dressed up in a mini skirt with her top tucked in, when in reality, she is just in shorts and tights. This is a great way to change the appearance of an outfit if you aren’t really into wearing dresses or skirts! 

11 Rachel Green Fashion Inspirations

5. Sweats And Crop Top

Here, she takes a comfortable outfit and still makes it stylish. She has some loose sweatpants paired with a crop top, making it just about the most comfortable outfit you can wear while still looking good in it. Taking an outfit so casual and comfortable and making it look like an effort was put into it can be difficult, but Rachel knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to her wardrobe. After all, she does work for Ralph Lauren! 

11 Rachel Green Fashion Inspirations

6. Mini Dress With Top Underneath

For anyone living in a cold area that still wants to wear dresses, putting a long sleeve top underneath is the way to go! This isn’t typically a look we see very often anymore but was popular in the ’90s. Rachel can pull off any look, and this is the perfect example of that. Bringing back this style will be perfect to stay warm while looking good! 

11 Rachel Green Fashion Inspirations

7. Patterned Mini Dress

Rachel takes this patterned black and white mini dress and creates the perfect look with it. This a very versatile dress in that it can be worn for so many different occasions, depending on how you style it. It can be dressed up or dressed down, which is why it is a perfect look to recreate. Everyone needs a versatile dress like this in their closet so they are prepared at all times! 

11 Rachel Green Fashion Inspirations

8. Green Gown

With all of the outfits we have and will show you in this list, this is one of my personal favorites. Rachel wows us in this pastel green gown. It is a look that is hard to pull off, but Rachel Green knows fashion. If you are looking for a prom dress, wedding dress, or a dress for a special night out, this is the perfect look to draw inspiration from! 

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11 Rachel Green Fashion Inspirations

9. Black And White Color Blocked Outfit

With color blocking becoming so popular recently, it’s no surprise Rachel was already rocking similar looks before. This is a ’90s version of what color blocking has become. With the black and white contrasting each other so perfectly here, this is a fun outfit for someone wanting a toned-down color-blocked outfit! 

11 Rachel Green Fashion Inspirations

10. Oversized Fuzzy Coat With Black And White Outfit

Putting on an oversized fuzzy coat in a bold, fun color is the perfect way to make any outfit stand out even more. Rachel takes her black and white outfit and gives it a pop of color with this purple coat. A turtleneck and a tight maxi skirt can look a little too stiff for some people, but pairing it with a fun coat makes it an entirely new outfit. Styling choices make all the difference when it comes to fashion, and Rachel Green knows exactly how to style an outfit. 

11 Rachel Green Fashion Inspirations

11. Red Evening Gown

With the times that the whole crew goes out to a nice dinner or another wedding, we see everyone looking their best. Here, Rachel pulls off this stunning red evening gown. Having your hair pulled back with a neckline like this is the perfect way to show off your look. This red evening gown can be easily recreated and there are so many different variations of this dress, so everyone will look their best wearing it! 

11 Rachel Green Fashion Inspirations

How many of these Rachel Green outfits give you ’90s fashion inspiration? Let us know and share it with us in the comments below! 

Featured image: https://www.fq.co.nz/missfq/fashion-missfq/23-outfits-rachel-wore-on-friends-in-the-90s-that-wed-totally-wear-today 

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