12 Easy Home Fitness Ideas To Avoid The ‘Quarantine 15’

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Home fitness can be a slow start. For one thing, it can be difficult to get motivated to do anything around the house besides relaxing. These exercises are perfect if you are new to home fitness and want to set up a solid routine. Get ready to feel energized!

Jump Rope

Jump rope is a basic yet efficient if not fundamental home fitness routine every beginner will benefit from. Plus, it is so versatile. You can easily take your workout to another part of the house or do it on your back patio. The best part about jump rope is that there are so many different exercises you can learn with it, like alternate foot jumps, high knees, mummy kicks, crisscross, you name it. There will never be a dull moment, which beats a monotonous treadmill or spin session any day. If you are looking to improve your cardio but you do not have access to a track or treadmill, then this is for you. Just ten minutes a day of skipping rope is comparable to thirty minutes of jogging.

12 Easy Home Fitness Ideas To Avoid The ‘Quarantine 15’


There are so many benefits of yoga as a home fitness routine that it would be easier to make a list of why yoga is not good for you (is there such a thing?). It is an excellent gateway for entry-level experience, and it can easily satisfy expert trainers as well. What makes yoga stand out amongst other home fitness routines is the benefits it has for cramped muscles, trainers with disabilities, and improving flexibility. Yoga is a heart-healthy activity that will burn calories without demanding too much of your body.

12 Easy Home Fitness Ideas To Avoid The ‘Quarantine 15’

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great home fitness solution if you are short on space and equipment. If you do own weights or equipment, then resistance bands can enhance your workout for a more intense burn. They provide an extra challenge to natural bodyweight training without crushing your joints with dumbbells. Like the jump rope, resistance bands are easy to store and travel with. They will not take up as much space as a treadmill or bike which adds to their appeal.

12 Easy Home Fitness Ideas To Avoid The ‘Quarantine 15’


Make exercise fun by dancing! Latin dance, hip hop, Bollywood, lap dancing, and even country dance is available online for you to jam to. Max out your cardio or learn new moves to show off at the club someday. You can even turn up the heat with your partner by learning some sexy feline wall dancing. Sitting all day while working from home can do a number on your circulation, and a thirty-minute dancing sesh will get your blood running instantly. 

12 Easy Home Fitness Ideas To Avoid The ‘Quarantine 15’


Daily chores have more benefits than just a sparkling clean kitchen. You might not consider housework to be home fitness, but any type of movement that gets your blood flowing and heart pumping will burn calories. Why not double your money by knocking out a few chores and toning your body at the same time? Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, scrubbing floors and windows – all these can be accomplished with enough gusto to make you catch your breath. Intensity is key. Put your back into it!

12 Easy Home Fitness Ideas To Avoid The ‘Quarantine 15’

Kettle Bells

This is a top fat burning exercise. The kettlebell is a cheap and often underestimated tool in the fitness community. They are just as effective as dumbbells but much easier to move around, carry, and store. Not only that, but they are also intrinsically beneficial for your posterior chain. The posterior chain comprises all the muscles on your backside, from your nape to your heels. These are the biggest and strongest muscles in your body, and they are key for good posture.

12 Easy Home Fitness Ideas To Avoid The ‘Quarantine 15’


Aerobics is a solid home fitness routine to get you started on breaking an awesome cardio sweat. Aerobic means “with oxygen”, which means it is basically gonna kick up your heart, lungs, and circulation for a literally breathtaking workout. Jump rope is an example of an aerobic exercise, but if you want to get a full circuit in, try a combination of squats, pushups, dips, and torso twists. If you are lost, they are plenty of aerobic routines online to follow along with.

12 Easy Home Fitness Ideas To Avoid The ‘Quarantine 15’


Strength training does not have to involve weights! Lunges are a simple solution for building muscle in your legs. No equipment required. This will not only fill out chicken legs, but they will also give you explosive speed. An exercise like this engages your metabolism, which results in more calories burned. Try a static lunge if you are a beginner (placing one knee to the ground, hands on your hips). It will provide just enough stress and weight to your leg muscles to make a difference without being too challenging.

12 Easy Home Fitness Ideas To Avoid The ‘Quarantine 15’

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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a soft form of defense training that will improve your balance, mental health, and respiratory system. This mind-body training offers harmony and meditation to your home fitness routine with slow, low-impact motions. Like yoga, this is the kind of fitness that has many advantages for those with disabilities, injuries, or sensitive joints. In fact, some centers recommend tai chi to prevent or rehabilitate those with certain diseases or aging conditions. The big calorie burner here is in the muscle strength you gain from tai chi resistance training.

12 Easy Home Fitness Ideas To Avoid The ‘Quarantine 15’


You do not have to be a ballerina to do a hot barre workout. If you have not tried barre before, it is sort of like yoga and Pilates had a baby. It uses poses from ballet to tone your posture and flexibility, and occasionally it will add weights to provide more of a burn. It does not matter what fitness level you are at. As a low-impact form of exercise, it demands so little from your body you can even do it while you are pregnant. You will be surprised at how sore you are the next day.

12 Easy Home Fitness Ideas To Avoid The ‘Quarantine 15’


Speaking of Pilates, you will be hard-pressed to find a reason why you cannot do it at home. Pilates can be done anywhere, anytime. Your abs, lower back, and obliques will all benefit from this type of workout. It completely engages your core and strengthens it so you can improve your posture, balance, and ab muscles. Like tai chi, it is a mind-body workout but with more intensity. This is a great in-between fitness routine to get you prepared for more challenging exercises.

12 Easy Home Fitness Ideas To Avoid The ‘Quarantine 15’


CrossFit is the home fitness routine for those who are ready to take things to the next level. It usually involves equipment, but if you do not have any, fear not. There are plenty of no-equipment CrossFit routines to try. Burpees, squats, double-under, and jumping jacks are just a few examples of the type of no-equipment routines you are in for. This is a high-intensity interval training that will torch fat in less time than your usual jog. If you prefer to try something more suitable for your body, there are substitutions available online to modify your training.

12 Easy Home Fitness Ideas To Avoid The ‘Quarantine 15’

Do you have a home fitness routine? What do you do for exercise? Share below!

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