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15 Makeup Hacks To Get You Flawless Looks Every Time

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Sometimes makeup can be daunting when you’re a beginner and it’s hard to learn the tips and tricks about makeup. There are some easy tips that are going to make your makeup look perfect every time. These tips are super simple to follow through and the makeup will look great. With practice, your makeup is going to look absolutely gorgeous. 

1. Baking

Baking is an interesting choice of words because it does sound like we’re cooking up some yummy treats. Baking is actually something like cooking but on your face. Let me explain, baking your face is when you take your translucent powder and a face sponge. You did your face sponge in a healthy amount of powder and then press that powder into your t-zone. The powder is going to “cook” into your skin from the heat and will make the oiler parts of your face stay matte longer. Just make sure to only keep the powder on for a few seconds then brush it away.

2. Lip Lining

This tip might not be the most important one but it is the best one to learn how to apply lips properly. Slowly lining your lips will help teach you what kind of lip shape you like the most for you. Use a lip color that is a shade or two darker than the lipstick you are going to apply. Put your lipstick over top of the liner and then use your fingers to blend the edges together so they are effortlessly blended. 

15 Makeup Hacks To Get You Flawless Looks Every Time

3. Brows Before Face

Painting on your eyebrows before your face is the best way to get perfect brows every time. When you do your eyebrows first and foundation second you can shape your brows after you paint them to get perfect brows every time. This is a great practice to learn about shaping your eyebrows without having to do it over your foundation.

15 Makeup Hacks To Get You Flawless Looks Every Time

4. Light Eyeliner Waterline

Make your eyes brighter by applying a lighter eyeliner to your waterline. For a really big eye effect draw on white eyeliner on your waterline to widen your eyes. Use a nude colored eyeliner for the same effect but not as wide.

15 Makeup Hacks To Get You Flawless Looks Every Time

5. Tinted Brow Gel

This tip is perfect for getting brows that look great but also last a long time. Invest in a tinted eyebrow gel. You can use this gel over your eyebrows that you already filled to make them look fuller and last longer. You can also apply the eyebrow gel on bare eyebrows for a more natural but fluffed and thicker look.

15 Makeup Hacks To Get You Flawless Looks Every Time

6. X Cupids Bow

This tip is great for learning how to define your cupid’s bow and also practicing lip lining. You take your lip liner and draw an X along your cupid bow. This way the lines are defined so that you can use lipstick to fill them in and get the perfect pointed cupid bow. You can adjust the X to however you want your cupid’s bow to look. 

7. Paper Contour Guide

Contouring is one of the harder makeup skills to master but this tip it’ll make it so much easier. There is an easy tip where you just get any piece of paper and hold it up against your cheekbone. You place it starting at the corner of your lip to the top of your ear. Taking your contour start blending against the piece of paper holding it firmly so the paper doesn’t move. Take the paper off and continue blending against the harsh line so it’s smooth. You can do this trick with cream contour as well.

15 Makeup Hacks To Get You Flawless Looks Every Time

8. Tape Liner

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book but still is tried and true in the makeup community. You take a small piece of tape and makeup sure to stick it onto your hand a few times so it isn’t as sticky. Then stick it from the corner of your eye in the direction to the end of your eyebrow. Using whatever eyeliner you want to use, paint it against the tape. Once you take the tape off you’ll find a crisp eyeliner every time. 

15 Makeup Hacks To Get You Flawless Looks Every Time

9. Concealer On Nose

This tip is to get a thin nose every time. You take your concealer that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone and place a small amount like a line along the bridge of your nose. With a blending sponge gently blend along the line to keep straight. Use translucent powder against the sides of your nose to get an even more defined nose.

15 Makeup Hacks To Get You Flawless Looks Every Time

10. Highlight On Eyebrow

Highlight doesn’t necessarily mean the shimmery glittery kind. It can also mean concealer that is lighter than your skin tone. You apply the highlighter of your choosing right underneath your brow on your brow bone. Blend that out and it’s going to give you the illusion of a brow lift. The highlighter gives the illusion of extra space.

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15 Makeup Hacks To Get You Flawless Looks Every Time

11. Eyeshadow On Liner

This makeup tip is meant to help your eyeliner last all day. Once you have the eyeliner of your color choice on your eye as desired you take an angled brush. With the angled brush you dip it into a matte eyeshadow that matches the color of the eyeliner you used. Gently tap the eyeshadow into the eyeliner as closely inside the liner as possible. The eyeshadow will act as a barrier and will help your eyeliner last longer throughout the day.

12. Loose Translucent Powder

One important makeup product everyone should have is a pot of loose translucent powder. This will be your makeup friend when you make mistakes or need to make touch-ups. If you put on too much blush just take a translucent powder on a fluffy brush and brush over the blush. It’ll tone down the color perfectly. If you over contour and are worried it’s gone all over the place just take a translucent powder on a makeup sponge and blend under the contour to not only cut the contour but help blend out whatever you want to go away. There are so many uses for a translucent powder that it’s just a great product for everyone to have on hand in their makeup bag.

15 Makeup Hacks To Get You Flawless Looks Every Time

13. Powder Over Lips

This little makeup tip is going to turn any lipstick into a matte on. Once you apply your lipstick take a tissue and some translucent powder. Place the tissue over your lips and with a fluffy brush blend into the tissue over your lips. The powder will mattify your lipstick and have it last longer. 

14. Eyeshadow First

If you have the problem where you put on an eyeshadow look and the eyeshadow fallout gets all over your cheeks. It messes up your foundation and leaves color patches all over your skin. There’s an easy fix to this problem! Just do your eyeshadow before you put on your foundation. This way when there is fallout you can use a makeup wipe to wipe away the excess eyeshadow. Then you apply the foundation to a clean face. 

15 Makeup Hacks To Get You Flawless Looks Every Time

15. Match Foundation To Your Neck

Never match your foundation to your cheek. The best place to match your foundation is your neck. This is because when you put on the foundation you blend it down to your neck anyway and you always want it to look like it blends effortlessly into your neck. This way there won’t be a harsh line separating the color of your neck from your face.

15 Makeup Hacks To Get You Flawless Looks Every Time

Which of these makeup hacks helped you out the most? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to share with your friend so they can learn some makeup hacks to get flawless makeup every time.

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