1. Soupa Saiyan

  • My personal favorite on the list, Soupa Saiyan offers some great food in a great atmosphere. With two locations located in Orlando, the original is located on Kirkman road just by Universal while the newest location is on University road just outside of UCF. Both locations offer the same menu with the newest one having a sushi bar as well. The food there is amazing. The ramen noodles are always cooked to perfection and melt perfectly with the broil. The meats and vegetables also all taste very fresh. They have plenty of delicious appetizers and desserts as well that will keep you trying something new with every visit. My favorite part of this restaurant has to be the vibe it has. Both locations have amazing artwork dedicated to Dragon Ball Z. Any fan of the anime or just fans of ramen in general will love and appreciate the atmosphere in the restaurant. It has become a must visit spot for many fans of the anime across the country. The owners and workers are also very grateful for their guests and always interact with them in store and on their social media pages as well. They also always have events and giveaways going on as well. It’s just a really friendly and welcoming chain that will make you feel cozy with some delicious ramen noodles.

Soupa Saiyan


  1. Dragon Bowl Ramen

  • Another Dragon Ball Z inspired ramen restaurant here in Orlando, Dragon Bowl is located in Winter Park. The restaurant also offers a great ambiance with a very friendly staff. The food here is also served very fresh and very warm. The miso ramen bowls are the most popular options they have on their menu. For those that prefer spicy foods, there is a red miso ramen bowl which will give you the extra spice you are looking for. Dragon Bowl also offers rice bowls for those that aren’t a huge fan of broth. All of the food here is served very warm and the staff makes sure that you have everything you need before they leave you to enjoy. The restaurant is also stacked with artwork and references to the anime. There is a very Japanese like theme going on in the restaurant besides the Dragon Ball décor. It’s a great place to stop on your visit here and is definitely one of the best ramen shops in all of Orlando. Luckily for us Dragon Ball fans, there are a lot of places to go and enjoy the energy of the series. 

Dragon Bowl


  1. Naroodle Noodle Shop

  • Dragon Ball Z isn’t the only anime that Orlando residents love to make ramen shops about. Naruto is another beloved series here and to prove it, we have our very own Naruto themed ramen shop. Located on the corner of Dean and University, Naroodle offers a great atmosphere with some delicious ramen. The dishes there are very unique and some of their menu items even serve as a real-life version of the ramen dishes seen in the Naruto anime. The restaurant also offers discounts to any guests coming in sporting some anime related outfits or merchandise. The wait time for the food is not very long at all and it all comes to you very fresh and warm. There are plenty of cool art pieces and décor to entertain yourself with while you enjoy your ramen. It’s a very friendly area that values the spirit and love of its customers. And since it’s not too far from the newest Soupa Saiyan location, it offers some diversity in scenery for any residents living nearby that want to switch it up. If you are a fan of Naruto or any other anime, check out Naroodle. You’ll be sure to enjoy your time there.



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  1. JINYA Ramen Bar

  • One of the more fancier ramen bars in Orlando, JINYA offers some more formal dining while still serving some fresh and delicious ramen and other Japanese inspired cuisine. If you like spice, then JINYA has plenty of options for you like the spicy chicken ramen. Since this restaurant is a little more formal than the others, the atmosphere isn’t as Japanese inspired as the rest, but it still has a very welcoming interior. The staff there is also always friendly and always make sure to answer any and all questions you might have. If you like to have alcohol with your meals, then JINYA might be the ramen place for you to go to. They have an open bar with plenty of selections for you to choose from. The bartenders are also more than happy to let you get a taste of their brews before you order a full one for yourself. The restaurant does get very busy so calling ahead or making a reservation might be your best bet. JINYA is located in Downtown Orlando and offers some of the best ramen around.



  1. Ramen Takagi

  • One of the smaller ramen shops on the list, Ramen Takagi offers a limited menu but it’s one that sure will deliver. The food here is always fresh and warm. The ramen and meats inside have a very authentic taste that keep guests coming back for more. The broth here is some of the best around as the tastes that come from it are delicious. These ramen bowls are meant to be slurped down for every last drop. The dumplings are also very good and might be there most popular appetizer yet. You also get to watch the chefs work while you wait for your food which makes the experience feel a little more authentic and personal. The prices here are also very fair and you get a lot of food for what you paid for. This restaurant is small, so it does get crowded and loud, but the staff always remains positive and friendly. It’s impossible to go here and not feel good. The atmosphere is very friendly, and the food is very comforting. All in all, it’s definitely a must try for any guests wanting some delicious ramen in Orlando.