6 Most Addictive Games To Play On Your Phone

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Addictive phone games are one of the best ways to pass the time when you are bored. Here are six of the most addictive games you can download right now!

The premise of this game is simple: don’t crash. You are in control of a car that drives indefinitely and you must keep it from crashing. What makes this game so fun, however, is all the obstacles you have to overcome. The car will run out of petrol if you do not pull into the station. If you take bumps from other cars, the car will start to fall apart so you must stop in at the garage. There are also random boosters you can pick up which can help or hinder your journey. The more you play, the more tracks and cars you can unlock. It is incredibly addictive.

As phone games go, this one is quite a niche but it is a lot of fun. The idea is that you are the manager of the Korean boy band, BTS, and you must coordinate their rise to fame. The gameplay is mostly card-based with cards you must level up to complete missions. However, it is also a visual novel with a really compelling story, phone calls from the boys, and a lot of fun rewards. There is a huge amount of content for a free game, and it will draw you in whether you are a BTS fan or not.

6 Most Addictive Games To Play On Your Phone

When computer games are adapted into phone games, it often does not go well. However, SimCity Buildit is a really entertaining mobile version of SimCity. There are so many options for customising your city including the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty, as well as beaches, water parks and more. You can also play with other players and compete in Club Wars, or you can trade supplies with your friends. The only downside is that this game requires a constant Internet collection, so it is not one to play on the go.

If you love UNO in real life, you will love the mobile equivalent. This game allows you to play against your friends or strangers from around the world. Like the physical UNO, it is very much a game of skill with the hope that the luck of the draw is on your side. You and your friends can play in teams of two and battle against others, which will win you both points. You will lose hours of your life to this game.

6 Most Addictive Games To Play On Your Phone

You have probably seen this game advertised on the Internet before and may have been put off by it. However, it is completely worth downloading. It is a simple match-3 game but with an engaging story, fun characters, and an interior design element. Every time you complete a level, you earn stars. These stars are then traded for upgrades to the mansion, which you can customise however you like. The best part about this game is that it runs daily events and gives out a lot of bonuses, meaning it is very easy to progress without spending money.

8 Ball Pool is one of those phone games that you cannot put down. As the name suggests, it is based around pool – but there is much more to it than that. You must bet your coins to enter into competitions and each competition requires more coins. The pool gameplay is very easy to learn and you do not need any real knowledge of pool to play. There are tournaments to enter, and alternatives such as 9 ball pool and no guidelines mode. Beware of playing against your friends as your relationship may never recover.

6 Most Addictive Games To Play On Your Phone

What addictive phone games have you been playing recently? Tell us in the comments!

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