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7 Best Gym Shoes

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With summer around the corner, people are more prone to hit the gym. There are many ways to work out and the shoes you wear for those activities can amp up your performance greatly. Whether you are attending a pilates class, going on a run, or heading to kickboxing, there are different shoes to fit these activities.

I am a big gym person and dabble in many different workout styles. Because of this, I own different work out shoes that are compatible with the activity I choose. I don’t think that the shoes you wear for working out are the end all be all for your growth in gaining strength but investing in footwear could help. 

These are the gym shoes I purchased that I instantly fell in love with:

On Cloudswift

On cloudswift

These running shoes are supportive, water resistant and are light as a feather. I have worn many pairs of running shoes that have weighed me down, but the Cloudswifts are made with light materials, helping you run at a faster pace. These shoes are also made for trail running and grip to any surface you decide to run on. They are also super fashionable. I own two pairs in yellow and grey/pink and I rarely wear workout shoes with casual outfits, but these shoes are the exception. They also have a great arch, keeping your feet supportive. Running can be hard on your feet and I tend to have foot cramps after a long run, but these shoes prevent this from happening. The one problem with these gym shoes is that they are only for running. I have tried to do HIIT workouts with them and they just don’t perform as well for other activities. But if you are mostly running, these are the shoes for you.

Nike Air Zoom Superrep 2


If you are big on high impact and agility based workouts, these gym shoes are perfect for you. I wear my Superreps to HIIT based workout classes and I see a huge difference in my stamina when I do. There are bouncy balls in the exterior of the sneaker that are good with shock absorption. This helps with high intensity activities like jumping on boxes or copious amounts of burpees. Now I do not wear any of my other shoes to HIIT specific classes. The one complaint I do have about them is they are not good for any lifting activities. They are not close to the ground so you will be rocking back and forth trying to maintain your balance. Also I have ran on a treadmill with them and it does not perform as well as a running shoe. But if you are a HIIT freak, you should get these gym shoes for sure.

Nike Pegasus Trail 3


These are my personal favorites on this list for many reasons. First off, since they are trail shoes, they grip on any surface. It is so easy to slip and slide in gym shoes, but these do not have that effect. Second of all, they are so versatile. Usually I do not recommend lifting in shoes meant for running because they could get you off balance, but these gym shoes do not do that. Trail 3’s keep you centered and balanced and I will often wear them for lifting days. Lastly, they come in many great colors and styles. I love the look of them and I tend to get compliments when I do wear them.



These are a classic lifting shoe and many people swear on them for better performance, and I am one of those people. Since they are low to the ground. And have no arch, you will be completely grounded while lifting. They are also the cheapest shoes on this list and your pockets will not be suffering if you buy them. The big con with Converse if that they are only useful if you are a lifter and only a lifter. If you want to run or do other activities with higher agility or impact, you will not be supported enough with these gym shoes. But if you primarily lift, they are perfect.



These Adidas gym shoes are perfect for practically any activity. I wear them both casually and at the gym, but specifically for exercise, I use them primarily for lifting. This is because the arches on the shoes are not so intense and you will be able to maintain a good and steady balance while doing this activity. They are not the best running shoes, but they do the job in most categories. If you are looking for a casual yet practical shoe for the gym, these are great.

See Also

On Cloud 5

Running shoe

Cloud 5’s are meant for specifically walking, but can be used for other lower impact activities as well. I have worn them to a Pilates class before and was thoroughly happy with them for that specific activity. When I have worn them for outdoor walks, they were also great for that. They are also fashionable and can be dressed with some casual outfits. They are cushioned so nicely that you feel like you are walking on a cloud. They also come in various colors and there are many to pick from.

Adidas Swift Runs

Swift run

Swift Runs are not only affordable, but can be worn for any activity whether it is for an intense run or for running errands. They are known for their sleek yet simple look, so they are one of the most popular gym shoes on the market. I have no complaints about these gym shoes because you are getting so much out of them. For a cheap price, you are getting banks for your buck. They are also great for people starting out at the gym and want to try new things during the beginning of their workout journey.

All of these shoes are great for various types of workouts and you can’t go wrong with any of these gym shoes. I hope you agree with my list or got inspiration from it. What gym shoes do you prefer when you are working out?


Sierra Cucciardi is a fourth year student at Penn State University studying Digital/ Print Journalism and Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She has a passion for covering topics like wellness, fashion, beauty, fitness and many more. Other than writing, Sierra also enjoys photography, graphic design and social media management. She hopes to one day be a full-time writer for a lifestyle magazine and is very excited to be interning for Society19 for Summer 2022.

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