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7 Tips To Keep Your Head Above Water When Starting A New Relationship

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Being in a new relationship is like walking on thin ice, very very thin ice. Yes, it is exciting. Now that you know the person likes you, you’re envisioning everything you can be doing together. You want to share your darkest deepest secrets, but hold up. Don’t rush. Even though, you and your new significant other are sure of each other’s feelings, make the beginning of a new relationship count. It is easier than you think to lose yourself and the partner in the first few months. The following tips may help you keep your head above water and still fully savor the new relationship. 

1. Forget The Past, Focus On The Present

When going into a new relationship, go into it with a clean slate. What this means, is that you are starting something with a new person, emphasis on ‘the new.’ 

You could have been hurt before. We’ve all been there. You could have been cheated on in the past or gone through a very toxic break-up. Use your negative experiences and turn them into lessons learned. You are aware of potential red flags you’ve come across in the past, and you know better than to make the same mistakes. 

However, give this person a chance. Don’t take your emotional baggage and assume your new partner will be the same. Forget the past. What happened in your previous relationships should stay in the past. 

Now you should focus on the present. 

7 Tips To Keep Your Head Above Water When Starting A New Relationship

2. No Comparisons

The rule of no comparisons in a new relationship is pretty linked to the first rule of forgetting the past. Once again, this is a new relationship so don’t compare your new significant other with your ex-boyfriends. 

It is easy to analyze and distinguish between the old and the new. But when you think about it, comparisons are for nothing. You will not change how they are or how they want them to be, especially this early on. So don’t waste your energy on comparisons. 

3. Listen And Ask

The beginning of a new relationship is very precious. You are getting to know the other person and discovering their likes, dislikes, do’s and don’t. You’re hearing every story for the first time. So listen. Listen carefully. 

Being a good listener will start a healthy level of communication between the two of you. Your partner will open up and share his experiences. Be curious. Ask questions. 

Asking follow-up questions will show your significant other your interest. 

7 Tips To Keep Your Head Above Water When Starting A New Relationship

4. Stay True To Yourself

When we meet someone new, we tend to adapt to who they are, and they like. We tend to change little things and highlight some other attributes to the other person’s liking. 

Although it is natural, try not to do it. Stay true to yourself. Do not pretend to be someone else, because later in the relationship you will get tired of pretending and you may realize the real you does not work with your new significant other. 

Be yourself. There is nothing better than ‘you’ you are now. Don’t change your values and morals. If you’ll start changing your views in the beginning, imagine what you will do in the long run? 

7 Tips To Keep Your Head Above Water When Starting A New Relationship

5. Patience Is Key

It is very early on. Both of you need your space and don’t want to seem like you’ll drop anything for them at any instant. At the same time, you don’t really know the person that well, you don’t know about their day-to-day activities and trust me when I say this – patience will be your best friend. 

Being patient and letting the situation as it is.  It will save your new relationship. When they’re not replying, be patient. Not everyone is glued to their phones, and everyone handles their communication differently. Be patient. 

Being patient also relates to labeling the relationship. Everything has time. Don’t force anything and don’t push. Everyone moves at their own pace. 

7 Tips To Keep Your Head Above Water When Starting A New Relationship

6. Keep On Living Your Life

Finding someone you want to have a relationship with does not mean you need to abandon everything else in your life. It is understandable you both want to spend as much time together as possible. But do divide your time, between your significant other, family, friends and most importantly yourself. 

Despite your new relationship, have your own life and live it. Meet up with your friends. Have some self-care time. It is essential to take care of yourself and your mind now that you are starting to share your life with someone else. 

It will help you stay sane during all the relationship stuff, the good and the bad. 

7 Tips To Keep Your Head Above Water When Starting A New Relationship

7. Enjoy The Moment

This one is easy. Enjoy it. The honeymoon period of your relationship is the sweetest, most romantic stage. You will make the most amazing memories that you will always like to look back on. 

Don’t forget to have fun while doing it. 

7 Tips To Keep Your Head Above Water When Starting A New Relationship

Do you have any tips on how to keep your head above water in a new relationship? Feel free to share with us in the comments. 

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