8 Dream Vacations Worth Taking

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Taking a vacation has crossed everyone’s mind at some point. Living day to day in the same place can be quite repetitive and boring sometimes. With everyday task comes everyday stresses that we dream about fleeing from at times. I know I do! Taking a break from the normal can be invigorating and well needed time for us to recoop. Taking a vacation is not always easy as it sounds.

Planning for a vacation can be costly and time consuming. Depending on where you want to go and the resources you have this can be tricky. However experiencing a dream vacation is free all in your mind. Dreams that turn into reality all start in the mind. So let’s manifest our dream vacations with reading this list and putting it into the universe!

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen, Colorado is a travel destination fit for a dream vacation. This city is an ideal place for someone looking to enjoy a winter wonderland filled with luxury and winter sports. It does have a small town feel but its filled with luxurious living and a list of celebrity visitors from around the world. 

Aspen is one of the most expensive places to places in the United States to visit and reside in. It is all worth it! Colorado is one of the few states where the famous Rocky mountains pass through. It is a sight to see when the snow falls and leaves the mountain tops a crisp white. Aahhh, what a dream! Besides all the winter sport activities, you can enjoy some shopping and fine dining in Aspen. Just make sure you bring tons of warm clothes and an adventurous spirit!

8 Dream Vacations Worth Taking

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has been a place I’ve been wanting to experience for a while now. With all the festivities and cultural richness it has to offer, this a true dream vacation. The red light district of Tokyo is full of shops, restaurants, karaoke and lots more. The busy atmosphere and tall buildings puts you in a mindset of New York but its definitely a difference. People are going from restaurants with great sushi and sake to buying trinkets to take home from their trip.

This place has lots of tourism due to its allure. In areas outside of Tokyo, there are beautiful places of nature. One of the most famous destinations are the Japanese Alps. These mountain ranges are not only worthy of a total intracranial dedicated to them but the surrounding area is just as beautiful. This is a place worth traveling to on your vacation. Back to Tokyo for a evening full of karaoke and sake, it is known for its exuberant night life. What a way to end a perfect vacation with some good sushi, a little sake and lots of singing! 

8 Dream Vacations Worth Taking


Portugal is a great country to visit on vacation. I could not narrow down one specific area to visit because it all is so gravitating. If you are into Gothic style architecture and historical buildings, Portugal is the place to be! Moving toward the coast, Portugal has a scenery that is life fulfilling. This country also have canals that are used to give tours of the beautiful villas to locals and tourist alike.

Let’s not forget their lush valleys of green with vibrant flower beds fit for royalty. Imagine rowing on the canal looking at beautifully built villas and way in the distance flowerbeds of flourescent colors making a peak. Portugal why do you have to be so great!

8 Dream Vacations Worth Taking

New York City, New York

New York is a vacation that was inspired by a movie for me. Have you seen Home Alone 2: Lost in New York? It is a classic! New York is home to many famous scenes in movie history. It is also home to many wealthy people and celebrities. During the holidays it is revered for its Rockefeller Christmas Festivities and the New Years Eve count down. This city is full skyscrapers that reach some of the highest heights in the world.

If you are a fashionista or trendy person in general, Saks Fifth Avenue will feel like home. We can’t forget the famous Central Park. This park is a whopping 840 acres! People from all over the world come to sit, eat and watch street performers at this park. New York is also known for its cuisine. It has many five star restaurants as well as decadent dessert establishments. At last this is the city that never sleeps so expect a night life that last way past others. They have bars and clubs that line avenues and no need to hitch a cab! It is all within walking distance. 

8 Dream Vacations Worth Taking

Mykonos, Greece

I don’t know about you but after watching Mamma Mia more than a million times, I want to go to Greece! Growing up, I was into Greek Mythology heavily. I know! I know! However, Greece has been increasing in popularity amongst us twenty- somethings. It could be the beautiful monochromatic villas or the crystal clear ocean view, no matter the reason its all worth splurging on.

Majority of the restaurants and villas in Mykonos are rooftop accessible. This gives complete access to an amazing view of the island like a panoramic shot. The landscape itself is a wonder with inclines of mountains and cliff sides. Everywhere you turn looks Instagram worthy! 

8 Dreams Vacations Worth Taking

Granada, Nicaragua 

Granada is a city located in the counrty of Nicaragua in South America. This city is rich in culture and round the year festivities. Around the holidays they have a festival called La Purisima where they celebrate the Virgin Mary. This includes a huge parade, lots of fireworks and tons of great food. 

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The architectural design of Granada is amazing with colorful colonials that lines the streets. It has a lost of living and gives you a more humble and home like vacation. I can go for less phone time and more relaxation! 

8 Dreams Vacations Worth Taking

Edinburgh, Scotland

This vacation is worth taking around the Christmas holiday. Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland with tons of beautiful scenery and holiday cheer during Christmas. One of the most notable traditions is the Christmas Market. This market is full of Christmas decorations and lots of vendors offering delicious food.

The festival is famous for their German sausages, waffles, chimney cake and even vegetarian/ vegan options. According to More Travel bloggers on YouTube, the hot strawberry milkshake is worth going over budget for! This vacation is worth the Christmas nostalgia and hot milkshakes! Yes, hot milkshakes!

8 Dream Vacations Worth Taking

Paris, France

Aaaaahh, last but not least! Paris has been on quite a few dream vacations im sure. For good reason, Paris is known for its romance reputation but it has alot to offer. From riding on the canals to eating at cafes and looking at famous architecture, it all is an experience.

Paris is full of castle like chalets and wooden houses from centuries before! How divine! Dining at terraces and eating on the finest macaroons and croissants, it so easy to get swept up in the sophistication. Whether you’re going with a lover or a brother, Paris is for everyone! 

8 Vacations Worth Taking

A  dream vacation is something we all can use in our lifetime. With thus list, I’m feeling a travel bug inching up my spine. How about you? 

Which place would you travel to? Which place have you gone to? Let us know in the comments below and share to friends you’ll love to travel with.

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