8 Hacks To Making Your Relationship Last

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Relationships are often faced with many challenges and bumps along the way, which is completely normal and expected; there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ relationship with no disagreements or hardships. However, there are a few crucial tips and tricks you should be implementing into your relationship in order to make the relationship more successful and last longer.

1. Communication

Now, I know that this is literally what every single person says is the most important thing in a relationship, and that’s because it really is! You should be communicating and discussing your problems, the things that make you happy and your hopes and plans for the future. That way, you can nip any arguments or disagreements in the bud; highlight the joys and peaks of your relationship in order to make your partner feel appreciated and noticed and you can be on the same page about the future of your relationship and be aware of each other’s aspirations to make sure they align, or if not, how will the future of your relationship look because of this?

8 Hacks To Making Your Relationship Last

2. Acknowledging Each Others Strengths And Weakness’

It is a common fact that nobody is perfect and everyone has strengths and weakness’, partners included. If you are someone who only focuses on the negative aspects of your partner while neglecting to realise that, you too, have weakness’, then your relationship is unlikely to go the long run. This creates competition or resentment, neither of which will aid longevity in your relationship. If you accept that you and your partner have flaws but also notice and appreciate each others strengths, you can work towards a healthy, long-lasting relationship in which you grow as a couple and individuals, with the support of each other.

8 Hacks To Making Your Relationship Last

3. Keep It Exciting

Often, when two people have been in a relationship for a long time, they enter a rut and become bored. This may be due to the routine of daily life: waking up, going to work, taking care of your kids and then going to sleep. This may result in either partner acting out or even having an affair, which ultimately leads to the end of the relationship. To avoid this and to keep your relationship fun and exciting, go on dates, try new things and enjoy life. Travel to places you’ve never been, go on fun and exciting dates where you’re having fun and spending quality time together. This time together will serve as a reminder of how much fun you have together and the reason you fell in love in the first place.

8 Hacks To Making Your Relationship Last

4. Keep It Sweet

Maintaining the romance in your relationship will leave each partner feeling consistently appreciated and will give you that giddy young-love type of feeling. Random little gifts, flowers, notes, cards of appreciation or even cooking a surprise romantic meal. These random gestures of romance will prolong that ‘honeymoon period’ feeling and will assure your partner that you appreciate them, love them and are thinking of them when they’re not around.

8 Hacks To Making Your Relationship Last

5. Maintain Your ‘Me’ Time

Despite the fact that you’re a couple, you’re still individual people. You have your own friends, your own family and your own personal needs. Clinging to your partner 24/7 will not do your relationship any favours as you won’t have the opportunity to spend time with your friends and have fun as a group; you won’t get the opportunity to have some pamper time, watch the shows you like and do the things you love to do as an individual and perhaps most importantly, you won’t get the opportunity to miss each other. Getting excited to see your partner after some time apart is one of the best feelings ever and you’ll reunite feeling super refreshed, happy and grateful for each others time.

8 Hacks To Making Your Relationship Last

6. Keep Tactile

Actions speak louder than words, and random acts of affection towards your partner is a chance to channel your feelings and emotions towards them and is also a source of comfort for you both. Hand-holding, hugging and kissing releases feel-good endorphins which will make you both feel happy, relaxed and at ease. Touching as a form of overcoming an earlier argument is also really powerful and will mean more to your partner than simply saying sorry.

8 Hacks To Making Your Relationship Last

7. Avoid The Blame Game

Constantly blaming each other for the faults or arguments within your relationship will ultimately lead to a breakup, or even worse, staying in an unhappy relationship. You are in this relationship together, therefore anything that comes out of it, good or bad, is a product of both of your actions. Instead of feeling bitter over something your partner may have done, try and see the lessons that you could potentially learn from the argument or disagreement and avoid those same actions that lead you there in the future. If something really truly was your fault, taking responsibility for your actions will show maturity and willingness to admit when you’re wrong. Your partner will appreciate this greatly and most of the time, it will encourage them to do the same.

8 Hacks To Making Your Relationship Last

8. Listen

Listening to your partner will prove to them that they’re worth your time, patience and understanding. Paying attention to what they’re saying and potentially later on repeating what they said; buying them a gift of something they said they’d love to have or even taking them somewhere they once mentioned they’d love to go. Doing things like this and remembering something they said that maybe your partner themselves don’t remember telling you is an incredibly meaningful act of romance and they’ll undoubtedly be insanely grateful and will ultimately reinforce their feelings towards you and help your relationship last long-term.

8 Hacks To Making Your Relationship Last

If you try out any of our relationship tips or have any more tips to make your relationship last, let us know in the comments!

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