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8 Met Gala Outfits That Actually Fit The Theme

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This year’s Met Gala outfits caused quite the scene, some in a good way and some in a bad way. Some celebrities had a hard time fitting the Gilded Glamour dress code. However, these are the celebrities who executed it successfully. 

1. Blake Lively

Blake Lively has always dropped jaws at the Met Gala and this look for sure kept that trend consistent. Her husband’s reaction even went viral when she revealed her marveling get up. Working yet again with designer Atelier Versace, she was wearing a stunning rose gold gown with intricate designs and a bow. Lively also had the most delicate tiara with matching earrings that exhibited a little bit of green. Her rose gold long arm gloves swaying aside her corset top was astonishing. 

She surprised the audience yet again when she untied the bow revealing a marveling blue train that followed behind her. The actress made everyone’s jaws drop twice with her New York City inspired gown.

8 Met Gala Outfits That Actually Fit The Theme

2. Evan Mock

Even Mock definitely understood the assignment and the origin of his outfit is very impressive. Mock wore a pastel yellow suit with a white flowing collared shirt under it. His jacket did not reach all the way down to his pants in some places revealing a little bit of his torso. The back of his pants also had a scandalous opening below the belt loops which he jokingly showed off in some pictures. His pale pink hair complimented the look nicely.

The brand who designed this look is known as “Head Of State” who’s founder, Taofeek Abijako, was only 17 when it launched. This outfit was the perfect combo of traditional and more feminine vibes which Evan pulled off nicely.

8 Met Gala Outfits That Actually Fit The Theme

3. Billie Eilish 

Billie Eilish flattered all her curves in an astounding corset gown. Her look from the last Met Gala is also still being talked about yet she did it again with this Gucci designed dress. It was pointed out that she was matching with a woman in a painting from 1885 and the resemblance is uncanny.

The dress was majority a soft yellow gold with pastel green straps and mesh detailed sleeves that turned into fingerless gloves. She had a vivacious purple flower at the top of her corset which perfectly held her cleavage up. The flower was one of the defining factors of the similarity between the star and the painting. The dress had a mid slit showing off her high platform nude heels. She’s done it again folks.

8 Met Gala Outfits That Actually Fit The Theme

4. Laura Harrier

Laura Harrier was one of the more dress code fitting looks at the Gala. Her shining dark gown was designed by H&M in collaboration with Victor Glemaud. She wore a petticoat under her dress that was an authentic vintage piece from the real Gilded Age. Her look was literally straight out of the appropriate time period.

She incorporated long black velvet gloves with a layered pearl choker that had various shades involved. Laura had a soft smokey eye look with a subtle red lip to tie the look together. She had her hair slicked back with her edges laid so delicately. She looked as if her prince charming was going to sweep her away onto the dance floor. She’s absolutely stunning and she did this look justice. 

8 Met Gala Outfits That Actually Fit The Theme

5. Shawn Mendez

Shawn Mendez pulled off quite the beauty and the beast aura with this one. Many compared the singer with the villain, Gaston, who also is executes this color theme in the Disney movie. Tommy Hilfiger helped him perfectly execute this year’s Met Gala dress code.

His red and navy coat had his initials embroidered on the inner lining. When he removed his coat he revealed a dapper navy suit under it complimented with a matching turtle neck and nail polish. His inclusion of nail polish married modern century style with gilded age pieces. 

8 Met Gala Outfits That Actually Fit The Theme

6. Cardi B

Cardi B has won at Met Gala looks and this is no exception. The rapper was shimmering in a gold Versace chain dress. The look was detailed with multiple of Versace’s signature Medusa medallions placed delicately amongst the chain that hugged her curves exactly the right way.

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Versace had 20 stylists hand stitching the chains to her gown in a process that took a significant amount of time. The whole outfit was stated to be one of the heaviest looks to walk around in that night but Cardi didn’t make it look difficult at all. Her chain layered choker and arm sleeves didn’t weigh her down at all. To top it off, she arrived in a matching Versace print convertable just as extra as she is but in the best way.

8 Met Gala Outfits That Actually Fit The Theme

7. Anderson Paak

Anderson Paak danced his way down the carpet with some eccentric groovy moved in his 70’s inspired get up. He perfectly mixed the funktastic era with the dress code and took it a step further with his dance moves. Paak wore a beautiful embroidered Gucci jacket with wide boot cut leather black pants.

He describes his look as being very “East London” even joking with a British accent. He had an extreme bowl cut going on with sunglasses decorated with a gold chain. Paak was giving off a very Austin Powers vibe with his quirky attitude matching his quirky outfit. He managed to pull off a very unique look so effortlessly as if he does it everyday.

8 Met Gala Outfits That Actually Fit The Theme

8. Megan Thee Stallion 

Megan rocked a sheer bodice dress with a high slit and feather capped sleeves that screamed gilded. The shining lights complimented her gold fabric as she gracefully posed for pictures on the carpet. Her fierce silver eye look with a dramatic wing and natural contoured lip captivated the paparazzi.

She looked like a golden goddess descending from Olympus to dominate in battle. It seemed as if a carriage drawn by a pegasus was going to take her home from the event. It was like a fantasy the way she pulled it off with such confidence. Her dress also exhibited a train and gilded era print. This look is all thanks to Moschino. 

8 Met Gala Outfits That Actually Fit The Theme

Do you agree with these on theme Met Gala outfits? Have any honorable mentions to add? Let us know below!

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