8 Reasons Why Going On An ERASMUS Exchange Is The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

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Have you ever wanted to travel but you’re worried about missing too much uni? Or perhaps money is the real issue for students desperate to explore Europe? Going on an ERASMUS exchange is the answer to your problems! Here’s 8 reasons why going on ERASMUS exchange is the best decision you’ll ever make.

1. You don’t need to miss out on your studies

Taking a gap year to travel definitely isn’t for everyone, some of us are concerned about taking a gap form university. With the ERASMUS programme you can attend university in one of thousands of options throughout Europe. You’ll have the opportunity to travel and explore in your free time and weekends while you can also receive world-class education.

8 Reasons Why Going On An ERASMUS Exchange Is The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

2. Studying abroad makes you more employable

Having studied abroad – whether that’s through ERASMUS or elsewhere – always looks good on your CV. You can gain so many new skills by living abroad and integrating into a new environment – this will make you a more adaptable person and increase your cultural awareness which employers will love!

3. It won’t break the bank!

You don’t have to pay university fees whilst on ERASMUS so you actually save money in that way! In addition to that, ERASMUS give out a grant to every student to help with the extra costs of studying abroad. This is based on the cost of living in the country you’re studying in but I can say from personal experience that this grant is a lifesaver.

8 Reasons Why Going On An ERASMUS Exchange Is The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

4. It improves your language skills

Whether you choose to go on ERASMUS for your own reasons or it’s a compulsory part of your language degree you will definitely pick up some languages. For some this can mean finally becoming fluent or close to fluent in the language you’re studying or for others learning a new language from scratch. However, no matter where you choose to study you can always find the safety blanket of other english speakers if and when you need them!

5. You’ll make friends for life

Being in an unfamiliar city all alone can seem daunting but you will quickly form bonds with others in the exact same situation as you. ERASMUS usually have societies in their respective universities. In my experience the society arranged lots of events for international students to meet each other and also gave opportunities for us to mix with native students. Trust me you’ll never forget the people you meet on ERASMUS!

8 Reasons Why Going On An ERASMUS Exchange Is The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

6. You’ll get to visit the most amazing places

Being nestled in the middle of Europe gives you the most amazing travel opportunities. Most european universities don’t have you spending hours and hours in class. The majority of students have one or two days off every week in addition to the weekend. This gives you so much time to explore and travel with your new friends. There’s lots of cheap coach companies like Flixbus that mean you can take long weekend city breaks whenever you want for next to nothing!

7. It helps you become more independent and confident

Studying abroad is the most unforgettable experience but it cant be denied that there can be lonely times. Some students struggle with this, being so far from their family and friends at home. However, after a few months being away you will find yourself much more confident in your own independence and ability to do things on your own. This of course isn’t to say spend your whole time abroad on your own – but if you wanna explore Rome for the weekend and you don’t know anyone who’s free, why not go on your own? It can be refreshing to be able to rely on yourself and do what you want when you want.

8 Reasons Why Going On An ERASMUS Exchange Is The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

8. The weather is so much better

We can’t lie that British weather isn’t exactly tropical. Although mainland Europe isn’t that far away the climate is pretty different. It makes a nice change to be able to study in the park with the sun shining or even the beach – depending where you are! They say sunshine makes you happy and it’s completely true. Living in a warm (or slightly warmer), sunny country is an opportunity that might not come back around for a while, embrace it!

8 Reasons Why Going On An ERASMUS Exchange Is The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

If you’re contemplating going on ERASMUS exchange or even if it’s compulsory for your degree, prepare yourself for a year you’re never gonna forget!

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