As a Wealthy Programmer, Here Are My 7 Stupidly Simple Income Streams

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No, I’m not going to tell you to do affiliate marketing or make YouTube videos.

Photo by Maxim Ilyahov on Unsplash

Robert Kiyosaki has always advised me that instead of working for money, I should make money work for me.

But you’ll need money in order for it to work for you, right?

With that guidance in mind, I learned to program so that I could increase my value and begin my path as Robert Kiyosaki advised.

To be honest, I don’t want a million dollars in my bank account, nor do I want to live in New York or acquire 1000 bitcoin.

So, what am I looking for?

I want to have numerous businesses, as well as side hustles, and eventually live with nature. And don’t ask me to work a 9–5 job; I despise corporate culture.

As a result of all of this, I’m focusing more on side hustles that are simple to start and don’t require any money to get started.

Yes, you may refer to me as stupid.

  1. Web3

I made an attempt to study web3 after learning web development. I had no idea that it would assist me to make money at the time.

Within a few months, a firm asked them to collaborate on their Web3 project.

That sounds promising.

I obtained the job after discussing the working procedure and filling out some papers. It is not a 9–5 job, which I do not desire.

So, what exactly is it? Actually, I have to mentor certain devs during their working time. I’ve even created some features for web3 applications sometimes.

That is all there is to it.

If you want to study web3, here is a good place to start.

2. Web Development

To tell you the truth, web development made me wealthy. I didn’t have any other way to generate money at first, so web development came in handy.

After studying web development, I was able to find a sufficient number of low-cost projects. They have to be completed by me in order to earn money. It quickly turns into a gold mine for me.

To be exact, writing code to build a website needs enough time. And you never know when you’ll be able to remedy an error. In short, creating a website requires a significant amount of time and effort.

You might think of it as my full-time work at first, but as I developed several income sources, and then it became a side business.

Due to availability limitations, I now only take on one or two web development jobs at a time.

3. Technical Content Writing

Google is the source of the majority of my views. That is why I have fewer readers.

To be honest, I can’t code every day since I’m overloaded and need a break. And it’s at that point that I start writing technical material.

Medium appeals to me mostly because of its big readership, the way it operates, and the amount of money it pays.

Yes, authors are able to make money through a variety of methods, including sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and freelancing.

I, on the other hand, do not.

I haven’t done any paid promotion thus far for two reasons: I don’t want to sell anything, and no one has approached me.

Aside from that, I occasionally recommend books from which I don’t get enough money.

I used to post 2–3 pieces each week, but now I publish most often. It might be because I enjoy writing more in my spare time.

4. Selling Designs

I don’t want to exaggerate or make a misleading statement.

I don’t have enough time to start something fresh, to be precise. That is why I sell my designs to one of my friends’ businesses.

Actually, he does all of the work to sell my designs to corporations, and then he pays me directly into my bank account. All I have to do now is send the designs.

Yes, I give him a portion of the commission because of the work he does.

Despite the fact that I have numerous possibilities, such as selling on Gumroad or through Canva, I choose not to do so.

5. Consulting

I can’t claim to be a business or programming specialist. But, more precisely, I know how to operate a programming-related business.

That is why some people, and even corporations, counsel me and then pay me.

Aside from earning money, I’m able to establish more ties with companies, and they notify me anytime they want to produce anything new.

And if I enjoy the work, I will invest in it as well.

6. NFTs

You could believe I’m selling my NFTs on Opensea or somewhere else.
No, I don’t say so. Yes, I attempted it but did not receive a satisfactory response, thus I abandoned it.

Following that, I was offered a project by a Bangalore-based startup. It’s still in its early stages, and the platform itself isn’t finished.

I’m working with the team to improve it by adding certain features. If all goes smoothly, I’d want to sell my NFTs on that platform.

Working with the company has been my sole source of income thus far. However, it may soon erupt, allowing me to make money.

I’m also attempting to generate content in NFTs. But I haven’t found a better platform to do it on yet.

Furthermore, because the platforms are new, they lack an audience and even a viable model that can attract clients.

7. Clothing Business

It has nothing to do with my programming abilities. It’s more like a desire to accomplish stuff that isn’t related to my technical abilities.

Please, Nitin, tell it like it is.

To be honest, my father has a firm, in which I put my money. It’s more of an investment since I have faith in my father.

And, in most cases, I receive a higher rate of return than stocks or FDs.

I don’t have to devote any of my time or efforts here. My dad is in charge of the entire procedure.

I also make money via dividends, options trading, crypto investment, staking cryptos, and other sources.

However, because everyone is aware of all of them, I haven’t included them in this post.

That’s all I have to say — thank you.

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