Best Hot Springs To Visit For Spring Break

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While some college students release the stress of school during spring break by going out and dancing their hearts away, others want to use the time to kick back and relax. And what could be better than a getaway at a hotel with a jacuzzi? How about a jacuzzi with an incredible view of Mother Nature’s best work? There could be one even closer to you than you think. Below are just some of the best hot springs in the country to check out this spring break. And fair warning, if you plan on swimming, some of the water conditions may differ from others in terms of safety.

1. Olympic Hot Springs, Washington

This first “hot” spot gives both state locals and visitors only the best of Washington state. It may be a bit more of a hike than other spots but getting to see what Mother Nature surrounds it with outside of all the city nonsense makes it all worthwhile. Though it is warned that some of these pools “are not monitored or maintained and may contain high levels of fecal coliform bacteria,” this forest hot springs location is worth the trip this spring break.

Best Hot Springs To Visit For Spring Break

2. Scenic Hot Springs, Washington

If your ideal spring break is getting lost in the trees, then this is the spot to put on your bucket list. Located in the more elevated part of the Cascades, mineral water directly from the Washington Springs. And, if it snows, it’s like sitting inside of a snow globe. This is a scene that requires planning weeks in advance due to high requests, as well as being closed to the public. See their blog for more information.


3. Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon

Heading more down south from the Cascades, down the Umpqua River is a spot fit for camping (offsite) and being one with nature. Though some resorts provide a nice hot bath, there’s just something about sitting in what can be described as “earth’s jacuzzi.” You’re the best kind of lost when the view of the river and evergreen trees is all you see within the mountains. Like other hot spring locations, expect some nudity.

Best Hot Springs To Visit For Spring Break

4. Trail Creek Hot Springs, Idaho

Though this next spot includes a bit of a hike, getting to the source of the warm minerals shedding your worries away. Hikes themselves is an adventurous bucket list item for spring break if you like to be one with nature. What better way to relax in a relaxing creek . . .


5. Mountain Village Resort Hot Springs, Idaho

If you’re looking to plan for a spa kind of spring break, then further down south of Trail creek is a piped lodge that has the natural water as the source.  The lodging features many room sizes to choose from, entertainment, and dining. The hot springs sit in a small cabin-like portal, where one can choose to close its doors for a closer sanctuary or keep them open for a more freeing experience.


6. Sierra Hot Springs, California

This next retreat-like stay is really worth the experience for this spring break. Lodging options include a private hotel-like room, a five-bed house, and a campsite if you’re one to be the most relaxed in Mother Nature’s arms. The springs are sealed in a large dome, perfected with skylights and stained glass, and a sand-bottomed and tile-sided pool.


7. Travertine Hot Springs, California

If you love the outdoors, but would rather skip the hike, this spring break spot is good to keep in mind, as it is one of the easiest hot springs to get to. and the view of the Sierras from the warm pool could take anyone’s breath away. Other hotspots located in the Eastern Sierra include Buckeye, Old Benton, Hilltop, and Wild Willy’s Hot Springs.

8. Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

Though it is considered to be a little more out of the way for Mainlanders than other resorts, it’s all worthwhile once the Northern Lights dance on top and around the warm pool. This luxurious snow globe opened in 1905, soon becoming notorious for “curing crippled prospectors of their aches and pains.” As it is a little on the pricier side, depending on the package you choose, this spot can be enjoyed with family or a smaller group of friends.

Best Hot Springs To Visit For Spring Break

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9. Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

This next spot is nicknamed the “American Spa”. These baths have been treating pain, stress, and even illness for over 200 years. With several bathhouses to soak your worries away, it’s also giving a bit of a taste of history.

10. Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado

Provided with a vast selection of lodging, this next location gives more of an authentic feel to your spring break. That itself can make it even more relaxing. The water is made with calcium bicarbonate “with a strong concentration of dissolved iron and manganese and a little dash of lithium. Bathing in bicarbonate water assists in opening peripheral blood vessels and helps to improve circulation to the body’s extremities and magnesium converts blood sugar to energy and promotes healthy skin.”


11. Granite Hot Springs, Wyoming

Located in company with Granite Creek south of the town of Jackson, Wyoming off of Highway 189. It is a developed, concrete hot spring pool surrounded by its own personal forest, with a view of the fir and pine woods going down many miles ahead.


12. Jemez Hot Springs, New Mexico

Though this is another spot that’s a bit of a hike, you are rewarded with healing mineral water surfaced from the supervolcano surrounded by nature and the open forest. If you wish to enjoy a spa treatment to wash your worries away, their Canon Del Rio retreat treats guests with “adobe style rooms, outdoor swimming pool with a view of Virgin Mesa, art gallery, spa services, and hot tub.” Primitive hot spring services sourced by the volcano include pools named McCauley, Spence, and San Antonio.


Would your spring break be made with these hot springs? Which ones didn’t make the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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