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CBR+PNK: Augmented Cyberpunk tabletop RPG game

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cyberpunk RPG

CBR+PNK (Cyber plus Punk) is a tabletop new cyberpunk RPG for one-shot sessions in the cyberpunk genre. During which you play as a team of RUNNERS consisting of mercenaries, criminals, activists and similar living on the edge and running in the shadows of a gritty, ultraviolent world. Early bird pledges are now available for the interesting project from roughly $8 or £11 (depending on current exchange rates).

” Based off of the original digital-only brochure, CBR+PNK: Augmented Edition contains eight augmented pamphlets featuring eight panels each, packed into a custom sleeved folder box. This new edition contains the following changes from the original release:

– New rules for Load and Gear, now letting characters upgrade them on the fly;
– Updated rules for Cyber;
– A neat system for handling epilogues, tying them to choices made during the /Run;
– Revised rules for Resistance and Take a Breather;
– Skilled and Elite Threats to put misery down on the runners.”

Cyberpunk RPG

If the CBR+PNK crowd funding campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and fullfilment progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around June 2022. To learn more about the CBR+PNK tabletop RPG project play the promotional video below.

“Inspired by films like Predator, Annihilation and Firebase, PRDTR comes a complete search & rescue scenario with a relentless, adaptable hunter on the character’s track. This /run is set on a lunar terraforming colony, compromised after an insurgence. PRDTR features:

– An adversary system based on Catscratcher Studios’ Cyberpunk Hunters;
– An optional Assignment system, where each character gets its own secret agenda to pursue, sometimes in detriment of others;
– A host of interesting NPCs and puzzling locations to overcome;
– Rad 80s action flick vibes!”

“Content Warning: This game touches sensitive topics like violence, oppression, cybernetic implants and substance abuse. Because of that, it is intended for mature players, with mutual trust and safety tools in place (e.g. the X-card, Lines & Veils and Open Door).”

For a complete list of all available project pledges, stretch goals, extra media and engineering specifications for the tabletop RPG, jump over to the official CBR+PNK crowd funding campaign page by visiting the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

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