Celebrity Makeup Brands That are Def Worth the Hype

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Now a days, it feels like you turn your head, and there are more and more celebrity makeup brands. Countless people have a line of products, but only some area actually worth it. It can be super heard to weave out what brands are worth it, and which aren’t. Here are what  I think are worth purchasing.

1.Fenty Beauty

This is a brand by Rihanna. It launched in September of 2017, making it about three years old.  What they is known for is being super inclusive. When the Pro Filt’R foundation initially came out, it had up to 40 shades. Since then, it has expanded to 50. During this launch, it was becoming more and more known that cosmetic brands weren’t inclusive in their foundation shade range. This company was named one of the best inventions of Time magazine in 2017, because of its incredible foundation and concealer shade range. There is a 95% chance of getting a better match for foundation with Fenty then most other products that are sold in sephora. As far as price range, you are going to pay more than drugstore brands but when you compare Fenty to other items sold in Sephora, they are almost identical. My personal favorite product is the foundation. I paid $40 for mine. I have rosacea, so a lot times it is hard for me to find a foundation that matches my skin tone and does not irritate my skin. The only issue that I had with this foundation is that there is fragrance. All of Fenty’s face products have fragrance. Fragrance can oftentimes cause your skin to have negative reactions, which I have heard can be the case with Fenty’s products. However, I would definitely recommend this product. among this list, this is the celebrity makeup brand I would recommend first to my friends and family. 

Celebrity Makeup Brands That are Def Worth the Hype

2. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Despite your feelings on Jeffree Star, his products are definitely worth taking a look at. I have many different products from his company. I own two makeup pallets, some liquid lipsticks, a skin frost, and a velour lip scrub. He has claimed that he invested his life savings to start this makeup company back in 2014, that only featured three liquid lipstick colors. Now, the company is estimated to sell $100 million annually. Something important to note about this company is all of the products are vegan and cruelty-free. Because of this, there are no harsh chemicals in the products. Out of all of the products I have, I can’t really pick a favorite. For the eyeshadow pallets, they are extremely pigmented and have little to none fallout. The lipsticks last all day, even when you are eating and drinking which is extremely impressive for liquid lipsticks. The highlighters are given an extremely blinding look. Lastly, the lip scrubs leave your lips super soft and smooth, all while tasting amazing and not artificial at all. Another thing I love about Jeffree Star cosmetics is their customer service. Even though this does not  directly has to do with the products themselves, knowing that a company has great customer service makes you more inclined to do business with them.Celebrity Makeup Brands That are Def Worth the Hype

3. Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty, owned by Selena Gomez only came out about a month ago. Lipsticks have flew off the shelves and fans freaked out over social media when they found out she was coming out with this line. The whole brand is a full collection of makeup. It includes 48 shades of foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, two different kinds of lipsticks, liquid liner, and much more. There are also brushes, a makeup sponge, and a face mist. For the this company just coming out, this is a lot of product for the initial launch. One special thing about these products are that the rounded applicators are designed to be easy for people with arthritis to use. This is something unique and very original in the beauty world. It makes the products inclusive to everyone. It also lets the consumers know that the company cares about them and not just the money. I have only tried the Dewy Balms as well as the Lip Souffles. What I really liked about the balms was that they are more like sheeny lipsticks. There are super nice for when you want a pop of color to your lips but don’t want to put on lipstick itself. With that being said, the Lip Souffles were way less drying than most lipsticks on the market which is really nice for a change.

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Celebrity Makeup Brands That are Def Worth the Hype

4. KKW Beauty

Another brand that was launched in 2017 is Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty. I know what your thinking, that Kylie Jenner is the beauty billionaire in the family. While this may be true, Kim’s brand in my opinion is ten times better than Kylie’s.  Surprisingly, the products are not super over priced. A lipstick goes for about 18 dollars, which sounds expensive but in reality, that’s the average price for a lipstick from plenty of other companies. The two products I have from this brand are the Blossom Palette and the Contour Stick. As far as the eyeshadow palette, everything blends super well. At first, I was more excited for the shimmery shades, but it turns out the matte ones impressed me even more. They didn’t require a lot of effort to make them look super nice and neat. The warm pink and purple tones are great for all skin types. The colors all work together super well and there are so many different looks you can achieve with this pallet. The contour sticks have become a staple in my everyday makeup routine. It is crème based that blends like butter, giving you a super natural looking contour. You can easily use this product with a beauty blender or just your fingers.Celebrity Makeup Brands That are Def Worth the Hype

Celebrity makeup brands are pretty much everywhere. A lot of times they will do the most to make money, and it seems as though the default thing to come out with is makeup. It can be way too costly to try all of these different products, but by doing your research you can find out what stuff is right for you!

Hi Everyone! My name is Emily and I am a current college senior at Ramapo College of New Jersey. I am a Communications major and have a minor in Sociology. Some of my interests are astrology, fashion, celebrities, and holidays!

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