Celtic Chant Named Best In The World As Celtic Park Ranked Number One Atmosphere In Football

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The famous Celtic chant ‘I Just Can’t Get Enough’ has been named the best in world football – and it’s hard to argue with that statement when you see the below footage from an Old Firm derby at Parkhead. Goosebumps.

In a detailed list compiling the top 12 chants from around the world, the guys over at 90min en Español placed ‘I Just Can’t Get Enough’ – a song that was started by the Green Brigade back in 2010 – in first place.

Liverpool’s famous anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ came in second, while the likes of ‘Seven Nation Army’ by Belgian side Club Brugge and ‘Llega el domingo voy a ver al Campeón’ by River Plate followed.

Real Madrid’s iconic ‘Hala Madrid… y nada más’ chant also made the top 12 list, but Scottish Premiership champions Celtic were victorious with their catchy tune.

The website wrote: “In 90min we have decided that the first place goes to the fans of Celtic from Scotland, who show that their fans are not just a few hundred but the whole stadium who start a real party in the stands every time ”I Just Can’t Get Enough’ is blasted out.

“Everyone sings, everyone dances, everyone applauds, but no one stands still.”

Here is another clip of the famous chant in action, this time in another Old Firm clash against Rangers. It really is special.

Federico Roccio, an Italian superfan who spends his life travelling around the world, has visited a variety of football stadiums in countries like England, Spain and Germany.

But a game in 2013 will always rank the highest in terms of atmosphere and quality.

Image: Federico Roccio/Instagram
Image: Federico Roccio/Instagram

Roccio has visited 25 countries in total, watching a variety of different teams at different levels.

So when he was asked what stadium was best in an interview with The Daily Mail, the Italian reminisced about a match that made him cry.

“Without a doubt, especially for the atmosphere, I can’t not say Celtic Park in Galsgow.” he said fondly.

Roccio went on to speak about how excited he was to finally visit the famous Celtic Park. when AC Milan beat the home side 3-0 thanks to a brilliant display from Mario Balotelli.

“I remember at the end of a Celtic vs AC Milan game, with the Rossoneri victorious, the home fans came to the away section throwing their scarves. A beautiful gesture in today’s football.

“I’ve been to 25 countries including Germany, France, Spain and England. The stadium that excited me most of all was Celtic Park.

“I even cried. Despite a heavy 3-0 loss, the fans just kept singing and they invited us to drink with them. It was fantastic.”

Image: Federico Roccio/Instagram
Image: Federico Roccio/Instagram

Tyldesley, meanwhile, has worked on some of the most memorable football matches in British history, including Manchester United’s famous treble win in Barcelona back in 1999.

He’s sampled atmospheres all over the continent but he insists nowhere beats a European night in the East End of Glasgow.

“You’ll have experienced different nights in Turkey and In Greece, and it’s just different. But Celtic Park and Anfield on European nights take a little bit of beating, they really do.

“But if I was really pushed, I think Parkhead might just have the edge on it [Anfield] on a big European night.

“Liverpool is less raw. I’m not talking about the incident before the game – which is actually totally unrelated to football passion – it was just criminal activity.

“It was ridiculous the way it was whipped up to give Manchester City a reception. Sometimes we have to watch the hyperbole in sport, let alone football, because the consequences can be pretty dire.

“But within the stadium, Liverpool has almost a melodrama for a big game at Anfield. [The] incredible banners on the Kop; it makes you wonder how many hours and days people have spent [on them], particularly the haunting image of Bob Paisley which has been on a flag there for years and years.

“There is that sense of occasion at Celtic Park and Anfield which almost demands a show: put on a show for us, we’re putting on a show for you, you put on a show for us.”

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