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Creating Unique Cocktails

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When you go out to a nice bar, you expect your cocktail to show unique characteristics representing the bar’s aesthetic in addition to creating amazing flavor. For the most part, you will likely be happy with a beverage that smokes, changes colors, has a unique decoration, or elegant rim. After returning from this fantastic night out with lots of Instagram posts, you might stop and wonder how to make one of these unique cocktails to impress your guests or just drink something interesting at home. Here are a couple steps to upgrading your at-home bar producing creating unique cocktails that set the bar a little higher.

The Drink Itself

Never underestimate a good cocktail. Remember that the drink itself is what can set one cocktail apart from another. Learn how to create solid cocktails to get your cocktail-making foundation down before adding anything too crazy to your drink. After getting this solid foundation down, move on to the cocktail’s presentation, making that “wow” factor in any drink. Books, videos, or classes are great ways to learn how to make an excellent cocktail that will impress your guests with taste notes, aromas, or balance.

Creating Unique Cocktails

Alcohol of Choice

Sometimes you need to do very little to a drink to make it impressive. Know the choices laid out for you with the alcohol you choose. For instance, Empress 1908 Gin already possesses a beautiful violet. When adding something acidic to the drink, the violet tone changes to pink due to the pH levels in the drink. Adding tonic will even turn it blue. If you want to create unique cocktails, start by knowing your alcohol. Sometimes presentation can be pouring fancy liquid from one cup into another, which will set your cocktail apart from others.

Creating Unique Cocktails
While some are satisfied with relying on acidity in alcohol, others like to push the limits of cocktail making a bit further. Let’s add on to those cocktails to make them truly stand out.

Rim Job

Not the kind that you are thinking. Adding a rim to any glass can drastically change the drink’s dynamic. There are tons of cool ways to put a unique rim onto a glass, making it stand out a bit more. While salt is still common for most drinks, it’s slightly traditional and perhaps even outdated. Depending on the drink, try adding melted chocolate to create a color-blocking look and unique cocktail flavor. Letting the chocolate drip down the glass is another fun way to change the look of the glass and the drink. Starting with a honey rim and adding cookie crumbles to the top is another great option, especially for a thicker glass and seasonal beverages. Zesting fresh ingredients and adding the rinds to a cocktail rim will also set it apart. While adding a simple rim covering the top of every glass is fine, you can take it a step further and add some shape to one section of the glass or the side of the glass, making a unique look that is not so traditional. Either way, do not skip over the rim job.

Don’t Forget the Details

Lots of cocktails have small details within the glasses or even around the glass to set the cocktail apart from others. Florals are an amazing way to present a cocktail in a special way. Enhancing the drink color, flavoring the glass, fire, or foam art are great ways to step it up with cocktail making as well.
Fire is always impressive when it comes to cocktails. There are countless ways to do this, but a personal favorite is creating the flame through a lime, lemon, or orange. After adding the juice to your cocktail of choice, pour alcohol into the shell and carefully light it on fire using a burner or a match for some extra detail. This effect can also be done using a sugar cube instead of alcohol. Try both ways and see which you prefer!

Creating Unique Cocktails
Time to Chill

Ice is such an underrated way to spice up your cocktails. While it does take some preplanning, so many options for drinks containing ice will turn out amazing. Implementing the ice portion of your drink-making experience into the presentation will also add a level of showmanship. A fantastic method is to make small ice chips. This can be done with an ice bag and mallet or with a particular ice-making machine if you are that boujee. Whichever way you do it, take the small ice chips and put them in a juice squeezer. Once compact, add the sphere of ice to the top of your drink. Individuals confident in their bartender skills can have some fun with this part. Take the glass on which the ice is resting and tap it on the counter. The sphere will break apart into the drink, making it a fun presentation. This effect can also be used as a garnish for your drink. Instead of breaking it apart, filling it with berries or florals will make it drastically stand out from other cocktails you have made.

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Creating Unique Cocktails
Overall Presentation

Presentation of any cocktail can come in many forms. Tools and gadgets can set a cocktail apart from the next. Pick out something that is unique to you, whether that be a special kind of glass, such as a rotating glass to adding smoke bubbles on the top of your drink. Find something that you consider really cool and go with that, especially if it is versatile for many drinks.

Creating Unique Cocktails

Keep your cocktails fun and exciting, and you can never go wrong with the presentation of a solid drink. Getting your cocktails to look like the ones coming out of bars can be challenging, but the payoff can look amazing. If this seems like too much effort, I have heard there are some pretty chill dive bars in the area. Perhaps go and check those out.

Share some of the most unique cocktails you have made as well as the ones you have tried out inspired by this article!

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