Dance Styles You Should Take Classes In

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Dance is an amazing and beautiful form of art, socialize and meet new people and make friends and also a great way to stay active. I’ve included solo, partner and group dances in this list to hopefully appeal to everyone out there! Go out alone, go learn with friends or make a date night out of learning these dance styles! Here are six dance styles you should take classes in.

Salsa and Bachata

These are two different dance styles, but I suggest finding classes near you that are teaching them together because it’s like a two for one deal! For base step patterns, the difference between the two styles is salsa is more front-back while bachata is more side-side. Salsa is performed at a very fast pace, while bachata is slower. Both are intimate forms of dance, but because of the speed of bachata, it definitely feels more intimate to me. Salsa is much more well-known than bachata, but if a venue or bar is holding a salsa night, bachata songs will usually be thrown in the playlist. You should check out these dance styles! Especially if you have a special significant other that is also willing to learn how to dance with you, these dance styles are perfect for intimacy. These dance styles are so much fun for couples to go out and learn and do together. It’s fun to socialize with people at these as well, so get out there and try them!

Dance Styles You Should Take Classes In


A classic. Learning anything as a child puts you at an advantage, but you can learn ballet as an adult! Look for a dance studio near you that offers beginner classes for adults. Take a few to see if you like the studio itself and the form of dance, and have fun with it! There are so many benefits to ballet, but one really notable thing in my opinion is that it will help get your posture on point. Classes help develop and correct daily posture you may have ruined from slouching all day(or most of it). Learning to be in tune with your body from learning ballet will help you become more aware of it in your daily life. This is one of the dance styles that looks so effortless, but anyone and everyone that does it or attempts it is bad ass in my opinion and they are so strong. This is a beautiful dance style that you should check out to see there are any classes in your area.

Dance Styles You Should Take Classes In

Swing Dance

This is a fun couples dance style that is one of my favorite dance styles on this list! There are many, many, many different styles of swing dance, so if you are starting out and want to learn a specific style, you could look into those in your area, otherwise just look for swing dance classes in your area and show up! I’ve gone swing dancing a handful of times and love the social aspect of it. I’ve met so many wonderful people and you probably could too from it. The style lots of fun, involves lots of lifts, spins, and flips. For me, it took 30 minutes to learn the basic steps, and then after dancing socially for two hours my first time, I felt I had the hang of it and loved it! I had no prior dance experience, and it was so much fun! Definitely recommend you check out swing dancing if you like jazzy music!

Dance Styles You Should Take Classes In

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Belly Dance

The complex movements of the torso make this dance beautiful in my opinion. The costume and dance style depends on the country and region it’s in, so when you’re looking for classes near you, do your research on the style so you can let others know what you are doing and taking a class in! This is one of the dance styles that can be done alone and doesn’t depend or rely on a partner for you to fully perform the dance. There are so many benefits to belly dancing, such as improving digestion and relieving stress. It’s a beautiful dance that was traditionally performed to promote or help with fertility and childbirth, but I seriously suggest everyone try it out at least once! This is one of those dance styles that is sexy and fun to me, and I took one class once and had so much fun with it!

Tap Dance

Tap dance uses the sounds made from the special shoes worn during the dance that make it spicy and fun. The shoes worn while tap dancing have a metal “tap” on the heel and toe, and when they hit the ground make that classic *tap* sound everyone hears when people tap dance. I think this is a fun and cute form of dance that is flashy and is perfect for groups or individuals. There are so many different styles and I suggest you do your research on them if you have tap dancing classes in your area or at a local dance studio! Find what you like best and go learn it, or just jump right into it and take the next tap dance class offered! 


This dance is a solo dance, so if you’re looking to learn a dance on your own, this is perfect for you. It is characterized by percussive footwork, hand clapping, and intricate hand, arm and body movements. There is no single flamenco dance, but they all follow rhythm patterns and framework that represents the flamenco style! I think this would be best to learn if you have dance experience, just based on reading and learning what flameco is all about, but anyone should totally give this dance a try if they are interested in it!

Dancing is a great way to express yourself, learn a new skill, keep fit and meet new people! Have fun with it, unless you want to take it seriously and pursue it professionally and relax and let loose! Let us know in the comments below if you have tried any of these dance styles and also what other dance styles you recommend people should try out!

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