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Design and build your first custom PCB

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custom PCB

Arduino and electronic enthusiasts interested in designing and manufacturing their very first PCB might find a project published by YouTuber Upir for his LED volume control shield PCB interesting to watch. PCBWay reached out to Upir to see if he was interested in creating a custom PCB, for just $5 Upir was able to manufacture 10 PCB boards.

Featured on the official Arduino blog, Upir chose to use an Arduino Leonardo board for this project because its ATmega32U4 microcontroller’s built-in USB HID functionality. “If you follow Upir’s instructions, either for this project or a similar design, you’ll end up with a set of files that you can send to any PCB fabrication service to get professional-quality boards.

Manufacture your your first custom PCB

“The beauty of Arduino development boards is that they let you jump right into prototyping. Just connect the sensors, buttons, LEDs, or whatever other hardware you require to the Arduino’s I/O pins, code and flash a sketch, and you’re in business. But you might come to a stage where you want something more polished than a breadboard or perfboard. When you reach that stage, you can follow along with YouTuber Upir’s LED volume knob project to learn how to design your first PCB. “

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