Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted launches

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Bungie’s new Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted has today launched and is now available to enjoy and Richard Barrick Editorial Manager at Bungie and Ashley Flanagan Destiny Historian at Bungie have taken to the official PlayStation blog to reveal more about what you can expect from the new storyline.

“Driven by an insatiable lust for power, Calus seeks the approval of a new master. His once-opulent ship, now derelict and corrupted, has returned to our galaxy—its sights set on the power promised by the Pyramid ship lying dormant on the Moon. As the Leviathan forms a connection with the Pyramid, Nightmares of humanity’s past awaken and threaten to torment any who dare intervene. Stare into the abyss and find bravery within the mantle of the reaper and the steel of the scythe. “

Season of the Haunted

“New players and veteran Guardians alike are heeding the call as a returning threat has suddenly emerged in our galaxy. It is in this new Season that we find references to tragic conspiracies, relatable familial strife, and the unwavering desire—no, the need—to party like it’s the end of the universe. These references are all chapters in a story that began long before our Guardians and will hopefully survive long after their Light fades away. As we discover characters, locations, and items, new parts of that story click into place like space-magic puzzle pieces. And wouldn’t you know, there’s someone at Bungie dedicated to solving puzzles. “

“Ghaul’s storyline pulls from Roman history, which has always been a big inspiration for the Cabal. He was abandoned as an infant and raised by one of Calus’s political enemies who he’d wronged on his way to becoming emperor. Ghaul was a gladiator for a while—one of Calus’s favorites—who he began to view as the son he never had. He eventually joined Calus’s court and was given a leadership position in the military. So, it was pretty brutal for Calus when he was deposed by a conspiracy that intended to put Ghaul on the throne instead of him. That was almost as big a betrayal as his own daughter taking part, although not quite. “

Source : Sony

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