Edge of Eternity open world adventure game now available on Xbox Game Pass

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Edge of Eternity now available on Xbox Game Pass

Open world adventure game Edge of Eternity is now available to play this month with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. Offering tactical combat and active time bar, Edge of Eternity is inspired by Japanese role-playing games and is a love letter to classical JRPGs which the developers grew up playing. Thibaut “Nero” Eloy from the development team responsible for creating Edge of Eternity has taken to the official Xbox News site this month to reveal more about what you can expect from the game.

Open world adventure game Xbox

“Edge Of Eternity is an epic, open-world JRPG following the grand quest of Daryon and Selene, two siblings who take up arms and defy the harsh truth of their world in order to save their mother from a deadly plague, the Corrosion. It combines the compelling exploration of a gorgeous world with tense, tactical turn-based combat rhythmed by an Active Time Bar. As Daryon and Selene meet new companions, the playable group of characters gets wider and more complex, allowing for elaborate strategies and customizable tactics.”

“The very foundation of Edge Of Eternity is the anachronical confrontation between the technology advanced Archelites, an invading race of aliens with starships and mechs, and the fantastic world of Heryon, a magical place where swords and sorcery make everything work. The theater set for the story of the game is a terrible, devastating war that has gone on for years, tearing Heryon apart and living its people vulnerable to the all-consuming Corrosion, a horrifying disease that turns every living being it infects into a metallic abomination.”

“In this magical land wounded by a senseless war, two siblings, Daryon and Selene, follow a rather pure-hearted quest: desperate to save their mother from the nightmarish plague that threatens the people of Heryon, they gather companions and ressources as they look for a cure for the Corrosion. Each character they convince to join them – the enigmatic Myrna, the sarcastic Ysoris and all the others – come with their own storyline, motivations and bonds, creating dynamic and organic narratives between each member of the group.”

Source : Microsoft

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