Fashion Statements That Fit Your Budget

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2020 has offered a lot of changes to everyone’s lives but the fashion world has also taken a turn in a new light and brought in new trends and styles into everyone’s lives. There are a lot of ways to be stylish and not spend too much without hurting the bank account. Some of the clothing that are in trend this year could even be sitting in your dad’s closet. This year has given everyone a chance to explore a different version of themselves in many ways and you could take a chance to explore new fashion. 

1. Dads Closet

When you’re looking for something oversized or maybe a little worn out just take a walk down the hall and just start tearing apart your parents closet for what you need. What has been in this season you are guaranteed to find in your father’s closet. Oversized sweater vests,  oversized  button ups,  oversized plaid shirts, and everything oversized is always a look for a quick dress up to tackle whatever the day throws at you. Before we take a turn into fall and winter this year the oversized button up shirt that you’re destined to find in your dad’s closet with a messy bun will take you to the next level. Oversized button ups could be transformed into a dress with a belt around the waist to give it a look accessorized with some heels. When looking to have a warm comfortable look your go-to will be the oversized sweater vest to throw over a long sleeve and with some yoga pants you will really have to step out for a casual day. When you want to go for a more street style of fashion the flannel is key. As you can layer it on top of sweaters and jackets you will be extra cozy during this winter season.Fashion Statements That Fit Your Budget

2. Thrifting 

Going to the thrift shop is the fastest way to add numerous pieces to your closet for a low amount especially if you live near a GoodWill that charges per pound of clothing rather per piece. Going to the thrift shop with a vision and an idea of what you are looking for helps you in the long run because having so much to look through could overwhelm you. Some of the most important parts of every thrift shop are the jacket, jeans, and pants department. In each of those areas of the store you are more likely to find something you could add to your wardrobe. Not only is this a good alternative of purchasing clothing for a style you haven’t tried yet because it is not expensive and sometimes you might just get lucky and find a pair of jeans that have a high retail price and end up several dollars and be in good condition. When going thrifting it is always good to have an open mind and sometimes plan numerous destinations in a day because the first shop might not have what you are looking for and it can be a fun experience to go to multiple because there are different items in each and you have no idea what will pop up.

Fashion Statements That Fit Your Budget

3. Walmarts, Targets, etc.

These corporations are important to take into consideration when deciding if that expensive grey hoodie is any better than the $10 replica you are about to pick up from your nearest target. They carry many items that are very good and fast fashion if you just want to hop on the trend and can not break the bank account. With the spotlight that TikTok,  the new social media app that has everyone even more addicted to their cell phones, has gotten everyone to go and purchase a crew neck and sweats set for less than $15 dollars. Competitors such as Champion  and others are facing a loss due to the impact that apps we use on a daily basis have such a strong influence on people. Not only are sweats a big deal at Walmart but Target had the spotlight for a pair of yoga leggings that were sold out and could not be gotten anymore. Retail stores like these are overlooked because of the stigma and fact that it is not name brand but at the end of the day fashion does not matter what the price maybe, it could be free and look better than something that cost thousands. Fashion Statements That Fit Your Budget

4. Shein and E-Commerce stores

Shien is a fashion home depot for everything you are looking for and much more. As they are based in China they are selling everything at a very low price and at this online retailer you could order a whole new wardrobe for a very low cost and not feel the damage in the bank account. Not only do they sell clothing but you can find accessories that you can put together to tie together the whole fit you will be wearing on a night out in the city. Shein does a very good job at staying up to date with the latest fashion trends as well as Fashion Nova. Celebrities have endorsed both of these ecommerce stores such as Christine Quinne from Netflix Original Selling Sunset and well known singer Cardi B with her own line at Fashion Nova. An amazing thing about these online shops that have gotten the attention of millions all over the world is that they are very reliable and have thousands of comments from loyal customers who have already purchased and tried on the clothing. Another great thing about these shops is that they offer numerous discounts and coupons that are stackable and your clothing will arrive in a day and you could have a new wardrobe within days.

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Fashion Statements That Fit Your Budget

With new trends always coming in and out of every season these are some of the best alternatives to save some money and stay on top of the latest trends. Make sure to comment below if you have any ideas or suggestions on what you think of these money saver options and share with friends!

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