‘FBoy Island’ Season 2: Who Does Mia Emani Jones Choose in the Finale?

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HBO Max dropped FBoy Island Season 2 earlier this summer with three new women tasked with weeding out the FBoys from the Nice Guys. Mia Emani Jones, Louise Barnard, and Tamaris Sepulveda quickly connected with a couple of different men, but Mia had her eyes set on Peter Park from the very first night. However, she later felt a spark with Danny Louisa. In the last elimination ceremony, Mia chose between Peter and Danny. So, who did Mia choose in the FBoy Island Season 2 finale?

Mia Emani Jones wearing a sequined jumpsuit. Who did Mia choose in the 'FBoy Island' Season 2 finale?
Who did Mia choose in the ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 finale? | Photograph by Hassen Salum/HBO Max

Mia Emani Jones chose all FBoys in ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2

In FBoy Island Season 2 Episode 6, all of the remaining men revealed whether or not they came on the show as a Nice Guy or an FBoy. Every man that Mia developed a connection with (Braydon, Kian, and Danny) announced their FBoy status, and the episode cut to black right before Peter ‘fessed up to whether he returned as a Nice Guy or an FBoy. Danny’s confession left Mia heartbroken, and she walked away in tears before returning to hear Peter out. That same night, Mia fell victim to an anxiety attack and asked Danny to come to her side.

When she returned and Peter made his reveal, Mia sobbed in Tamaris’ and Louise’s arms. However, she decided to move ahead with the men, despite their FBoy status.

Danny Louisa kept his head held high after Mia Emani Jones’ rejection

In the FBoy Island Season 2 finale, Mia walked Danny out of the mansion and asked him to talk to her, but Danny stopped her. She held onto his arm and cried as Danny said, “I can’t even believe you just did this to me. You swore to me, you promised, you pinky promised everything.”

Mia tried to tell Danny she was sorry, but he cut her off, “You’re not. You lied to me over and over again. I’m going to walk out of here with my head held high and I hope he doesn’t take the 100k on you. Good luck.”

As Danny walked out of the mansion, Mia sat on the steps and cried, but she eventually collected herself and went back inside. Peter chose to split the money with her and decided they would pursue their relationship outside of FBoy Island. 

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