Football Fan Sees Lionel Messi On Argentina Bus In England And Completely Loses His S**t

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A football fan drove next to the Argentina team bus and spotted Lionel Messi in the window – he was incredibly hyped. Check out the video below.

Messi being in England is a rarity and what you don’t think about is him out in public.

While driving on the motorway, one excited supporter ended up next to Argentina’s bus and Messi looking out the window like the lonely kid on a school trip.

Image Credit: Alamy
Image Credit: Alamy

He shouted: “You don’t understand what I’m feeling. Look who it is, look who it is. The GOAT. Oh my god.”

Any idea of playing it cool went straight out the window immediately. Think we’d all be the same to be honest.

Social media users have reacted to the clip and they think it’s incredibly wholesome.

One commented: “Haha I totally understand this guy’s reaction.”

Another tweeted: “He just saw the greatest football to ever live, I’d be the same.”

A third said: “I will leave the car and start chasing them on foot.”

While someone put: “Nahhh this is hilarious.”

Image Credit: Alamy
Image Credit: Alamy

Messi’s debut season at Paris Saint-Germain was underwhelming to say the least and he only managed six goals in Ligue 1. The 34-year-old won the Copa America with Argentina last summer and will be keen to perform at the World Cup later this year.

“It was a beautiful final, full of Argentines,” Messi told reporters after the Italy win.

“What we experienced here was beautiful. We’re here to fight anyone. Today was a nice test because Italy is a great team.

“We knew it was going to be a nice match and a nice setting to be champion.”

The Brazil superstar commented on video of Argentina’s players with the trophy and said: “Have they won the world cup?”

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