Former Manchester United Youngster Said 'Yo' To Sir Alex Ferguson After Being Brought Into First-Team

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Former Manchester United youngster Febian Brandy has told the story of how he accidentally said ‘Yo’ to Sir Alex Ferguson after being brought into the first-team squad.

Brandy joined United as an 8-year-old after being spotted playing for his local team West End Boys and was there until he was 21.

He didn’t make an appearance for the club but was on the bench for a Champions League clash with Roma back in 2007.

Brandy’s call up came after he scored the winner in the Champions Youth Cup final against Juventus in Malaysia.

He and a few players from the reserves were selected to travel with the team to Roma for the 1-1 draw at the Stadio Olimpico.

The forward was understandably bursting with excitement but he dropped a bit of a clanger in using a bit of informal slang when he heard someone shout his name on the shuttle bus from the plane to the airport.

Image: PA
Image: PA

Hilariously, Brandy was not aware that the man who called his name was none other than the gaffer himself.

“We got our suits and the next day we flew to Rome,” Brandy recalled on the UTD podcast. It was a very crazy trip.

“We’re on the bus getting transferred from the plane to the airport and someone shouted my name. They’ve gone, ‘Brandy!’ and I’ve gone, ‘Yo!’.

“It’s only Sir Alex, I’ve just yo’d Sir Alex!

“Everyone’s gone, ‘Oh my God he’s just yo’d the gaffer!’ My heart dropped and I was just like, ‘What have I done?’.

“Everyone was just laughing and I don’t even remember what he said to me because I was just thinking, ‘I ain’t getting picked, I ain’t gonna be on the bench!’

“I yo’d him because it was just natural! I was in a conversation with one of the youth players, we’re chilling together and I thought it might have been Wazza [Wayne Rooney] or someone. I was embarrassed.”

Brandy played in the same youth sides as the likes of Danny Drinkwater, Gerard Pique and Giuseppe Rossi, Fabio and Rafael Da Silva and Tom Cleverley.

As a youngster, he was told of interest from Barcelona by Ferguson, who said, “Good answer” and tapped him on the head when local lad Brandy told the fiery Glaswegian he wanted to stay put.

Brandy ended up representing a total of 14 clubs and played in Thailand and Greece.

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