Here’s How To Style Gym Leggings Outside Of The Gym

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Gym leggings are comfy, it beats wearing jeans. There’s flexibility when we sit down, and even better, we can lounge about but look stylish at the same time. So how do we style gym leggings when we aren’t, in fact, going to the gym? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Here’s How To Style Gym Leggings Outside Of The Gym

1. Always trainers

Even though you aren’t going to the gym, gym leggings are best worn with trainers. You are going for the sporty but lazy look, styling gym leggings with heels looks a tad strange. Unless you are doing one of those dancing videos on Youtube, then you look fabulous.

Trainers, or at least pumps keep the style going. You are still looking active and still casual. The shoes can be anything you like, any colour that you like depending on the style of gym legging you are going with.

But it’s a great feeling being in trainers. The sponginess under your feet, the hop in your step. What isn’t to love about styling your outfit with trainers? Pure comfort. And style.

2. Keep it simple

Main thing with staying your gym leggings is to keep it simple. Gym leggings are associated with the gym, and when you go to the gym you aren’t dolling yourself up. You’ve dressed down because you are going there to sweat and work out.

Even outside of the gym, keeping your look simple works best. You can wear make-up obviously without the risk of sweating it all off and having mascara melting down your cheeks. But when it comes to the rest of your body, keep the jewellery down and the style casual.

A casual top and jacket is all you need. There’s no need to go over the top. The beauty of gym leggings is that you get to be casual as well as stylish.

Here’s How To Style Gym Leggings Outside Of The Gym

3. Crop tops

Gym leggings are tight. They are designed to stay up even after 100 squats. This has one amazing benefit… your waist.

The leggings emphasise your waist, bringing it in that bit more giving you that curvy figure. So why not show it off. Why not show the figure off that you are working on at the gym!

A crop top works like you are wearing a sports bra but in a more day-to-day setting. You can go shopping, go to the coffee shop, go meet friends without the problem of chest pain after wearing a sports bra for too long.

So get your crop top, get those abs out and show off your waist.

Here’s How To Style Gym Leggings Outside Of The Gym

4. Teddy jumpers

If you aren’t big on showing off your body, and are more wearing the gym leggings just for pure comfort then teddy jumpers are an amazing alternative. They make the outfit that much more comfy. But also stylish. Teddy jumpers are your friend this year, and with the chilly breeze setting in, they’ll be keeping you cosy.

The teddy jumper works best with gym leggings in simple colours, as you can see in the picture as an example. But why not try styling them out more with a bold pattern. Even mesh gym leggings. Make a bold statement as you walk the street.

Here’s How To Style Gym Leggings Outside Of The Gym

5. Oversized jumpers

As with teddy jumpers, a plain, oversized jumper works just as well. But this comes with more versatility. A jumper can be picked out in various colours and patterns, to match or to contrast your leggings.

It just depends if you prefer the fuzzy feeling on the outside of your jumper, or the inside.

6. Bodywarmer

Bodywarmers are an under-rated fashion accessory, they give you warmth but freedom of the arms. Great for those people that always have one leg sticking out of the quilt cause they overheat with all of themselves under it.

They are a great way to style your gym leggings because it gives you that flattering line to your body. Jumpers are amazing but they don’t show off any of the upper body, they allow you to hide it away. Which is great on those days when you aren’t feeling so good, but body warmers are fitted. They can show off that figure you’re working so hard on while still providing warmth.

Here’s How To Style Gym Leggings Outside Of The Gym

7. Messy hair

Like I said, to style gym leggings is to keep it casual, so this is the perfect excuse to not bother with your hair. I’m not saying leave cowlicks in your hair, but the messy bun is your friend when you are wearing gym leggings.

Of course, messy buns never go well when you are actually trying to do them on purpose. But ponytails, loose beach waves or a bit of backcombing is a great addition to the look.

Here’s How To Style Gym Leggings Outside Of The Gym

8. Cap

If you don’t want to both with your hair, caps are also a great way to stay out those gym leggings. Gym leggings don’t have to be inside the gym, you can wearing them when you are paying any sport. Even baseball.

So a baseball cap is a good way to finish of the look. The pièce de résistance. It just depends if you have a head for hats or not.

Here’s How To Style Gym Leggings Outside Of The Gym

There are your 8 ideas on how to style out your gym leggings, if you have any of your own inputs then please comment below how you would choose to style them out. We can share together how to be as comfy as possible and stop the reign of jeans!

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