How to Build a Successful Remote Employee Recognition Program

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Pawan Kumar is a Digital and Content Marketer at Springworks. He has been featured on many reputed publications and online magazines!


With COVID-19 cases increasing rapidly, the workforce has transitioned from the traditional mode of working to remote work.

In these crucial times, do you know that around 64% of employees are in favor of appreciation and recognition during remote work?

Big giants such as Google, IBM, Hewett Packard, and Twitter have made work from home a norm. But unfortunately, many companies are still struggling to adapt to this new culture. So they need to commemorate an idea to lift their employees from isolation.

Build a successful remote employee recognition program to eliminate the work-from-home drawbacks and encourage your workforce to keep going.

When you utilize these programs carefully, they can add value to your company culture. They can reduce your overall turnover while fulfilling the overall employee experience. With the right expert support, you can build a top-notch employee recognition program.

These are the four pillar steps you can take to build them:

  • Develop a recognition case
  • Build a champions team
  • Understand what it takes to build an effective recognition
  • Follow the best practices in the recognition program

Develop a recognition case

Establish a strong business case meant for the employee recognition program. Think about the problems an employee recognition software is capable of solving. Think about how employee recognition software can contribute to your business objectives.

Explain to your leadership team how these benefits can positively equalize the costs.

Ensure that you clearly explain the benefits of employee recognition to your leadership team.

You can also make them understand the reduction in turnover, improved employee engagement, and high morale, and the core purpose.

Engage with an employee turnover calculator to know the cost of saving for your business with the best employee recognition program.

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Do you know that employee recognition programs cost less than 1% of the payroll budgets for 81% of companies? It might seem simple when your team is just starting with buying gift cards and flowers for your teamBut, eventually, when your team grows, you need to plan carefully to ensure the consistency of these programs.

You can easily integrate your rewards and recognition software with existing tools to manage the work anniversary bonuses of employees.

Build a core team

The next step you want to involve would be bringing in a set of stalwarts for program implementation. Talk to leaders who would promote, conceptualize, implement, communicate and reinforce your organization’s employee recognition program.

When you build your team, your team should consist of members with these characteristics:

  • Interest in executing the program
  • Established themselves as a team leader
  • Sound knowledge of program benefits
  • Quality of prioritizing the tasks
  • Better track records

These champions will be the most-wanted members of the organization, providing you with the right insights. They would also be responsible for program success.

Understand what it takes to build an effective recognition

Before you implement an employee recognition program, you need to understand what it takes for efficient recognition. It should be done frequently, with a specific, value-based interest.

Many employers think that employees prefer monetary rewards rather than non-tangible ones. It’s not true. There is research by Deloitte showing that employees also prefer praise.

This can help them constantly to reinstate desired behavior among the employees.

Follow the best practices in a recognition program

Every employer should have a clear vision of what they expect from recognition programs. They should also have an idea of how it can impact their business objectives.

It could be starting with a new employee recognition program or updating your existing program. Your team should be in a position to answer all the important questions such as:

  • What behaviors will earn a reward?
  • How do you demand desired behaviors?
  • How often should you recognize good behavior?


Every team needs to nurture a solid employee-first kind of culture. Being a part of a proactive team is all about involving creative ideas to ensure work harmony. With employee appreciation and recognition plans, you are inviting happy work hours. That’s what we all wish for during these troubling pandemic times, isn’t it?

Do you have any other ideas to improve employee recognition or build a company-wide recognition program? Please drop your views in the comment section below.

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