How To Not Overpack For Spring Break This Year

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Spring break is around the corner and you probably got your nice getaway planned with either your family and/or friends from high school/college. However, one thing to keep in mind while deciding what you plan on bringing to wear for your trip is to not overpack. 

In general, people tend to overpack whenever they go on a trip somewhere (regardless of how long the trip actually is). People overpack for vacations for a variety of reasons: scrambling at the last minute to pack, using a big suitcase (especially if the trip is a short one), wanting to be prepared for any type of weather at the destination, and packing for the worst-case scenario, to name a few. 

Regardless of what destination you end up going to for Spring Break, do you your best to not overpack. Spring break (at almost every university) lasts only a week and it would suck having to pay over an overweight bag. If you do overpack, it can limit how much souvenirs and/or new clothing items you end up purchasing while on holiday. 

Now, with that being said, listed below are 8 Tips for How To Not Overpack For Spring Break This Year:

1. Research The Weather of Your Destination Ahead of Time:

As stated earlier in the introduction of this article, one of the major reasons people tend to overpack for a vacation is that they want to have outfits with them for every type of weather possible at their destination. As you are packing (a few days ahead of your departure day), research what the weather plans to be like during the length of your stay at wherever it is you traveling to. 

Knowing what the weather will be ahead of time will save you space in your luggage, in addition to the amount of money that one would have to pay for overweight luggage. If you still want to be ready for any type of weather, bring one jacket that’s not too heavy nor too light with you. 

2. Don’t Add Any Last-Minute Items:

As people are getting ready to leave the house for the airport and/or a long drive to wherever it is they are going to, many travelers tend to stuff small, last-minute items into their bags. Another reason why people always overpack for a trip (regardless of how long it is) is that packing last-minute items occurs during the last frantic moments before leaving!

The best way to avoid this bad habit is to zip your bags the night before you leave! That way, you won’t overpack by adding any last-minute items as you are heading out the door in order to feel satisfied that you are all packed up!

3. Don’t Wait Until The Night Of To Start Packing:

Most of us are prone to packing the night before going on vacation somewhere. Whether its due to busy schedules or procrastination, waiting until the last minute to start putting things in your suitcase is another one of several reasons why people overpack for a trip.

About two to three days prior to leaving for your spring break trip, start packing little by little. This will help as you won’t feel so rushed if you wait until the night before. Just take some time out of your schedule and prepare your suitcase little by little for 30 minutes each of those two to three days before departing for spring break!

How To Not Overpack For Spring Break This Year

4. Don’t Pack to Capacity:

Whether your spring break trip is only three days or an entire week, do your best to not pack to the capacity of the amount of space available in the luggage you plan on using.

To avoid overpacking, fill your luggage at least and/or a little over halfway. Fold all clothing items tightly and neatly so they don’t take up too much space! The extra space in your luggage (after finishing up the packing) will be enough so that you can also bring back some souvenirs when you come back home from your spring break vacation! 

5. Bring Smaller Sizes of Certain Items:

The majority of hotels provide toiletries such as shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner in the rooms for guests. However, if you are staying at a place (like a condominium complex or a rental house and/or apartment) which doesn’t provide toiletries, its best to bring smaller, travel-sized bottles of shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner. Also, one could avoid overpacking by just purchasing the needed toiletries at a store near wherever he/she is staying for spring break! 

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6. Use a Smaller Luggage:

From the beginning, selecting a smaller suitcase will force one to pack more carefully and efficiently for his/her spring break getaway. Not saying that using a larger suitcase is worse, but if you use a bigger size, the chances of you overpacking are going to be much higher. The reason for this is that you’ll feel inclined naturally to fill up all of your bag’s space.  

Even if you use a piece of smaller luggage, do your best to not fill the bag up to the fullest capacity. For those of you who buy souvenirs and/or new clothing items whenever you travel, having enough space for said items is essential. 

7. Rolling Your Clothes:

As you are in the midst of packing all clothing items you plan on wearing during your spring break trip, one way to avoid overpacking is to roll most of your clothes up instead of folding them. Rolling the majority of your clothes will maximize space in your bag and prevent several clothing items from getting wrinkles! 

How To Not Overpack For Spring Break This Year

8. Use Packing Organizers:

Just like rolling up your clothes (see #7 above), packing organizers will aid in maximizing the amount of space in one’s luggage as well! One can just stuff smaller items such as socks and underwear, to name a few, inside of these packing organizers! 

How To Not Overpack For Spring Break This Year

Which of these 8 tips will help you not overpack for your Spring Break Getaway? Let us know which one(s) down below in the comments section!

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I am currently a senior at The University of Miami. I will graduate in December 2021 with a major in Journalism and minor in Sports Administration.

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