How To Start Enjoying Red Wine

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The idea of having a classy wine night with your girlfriends is always a nice idea, but wine isn’t always everyone’s drink of choice. Liking red wine can become a reality! Slowly but surely red wine will be your go-to with a nice meal or just to sip on while you gossip with friends. Try out some of these varieties to dip your toe into the red wine world!


I know I use to think that those people in a restaurant swirling their glass of red looked pretentious, but it’s actually important. Aerating your glass of wine helps to alleviate the bitter taste as it softens the tannins. Okay, that’s the last of the science talk, now let’s get into the wines!

How To Start Enjoying Red Wine

Dolce Rosso

Now, this is a great place to start particularly if you are a Moscato drinker! This is a sweet, slightly sparkling red that is lighter on the palette than many other reds. Dolce Rosso is also be known as dolcetto syrah. It’s a great dessert wine and is also delicious to drink by itself. Definitely give this one a shot next time1

How To Start Enjoying Red Wine

Pinot Noir

Now stepping into a little more traditional territory, a pinot noir id a medium-bodied red that is a little easier to get acquainted with than many other reds. Pinot noir is a little more on the acidic side, which tends to scare some people when they hear it because acidic is not the flavour profile many people are seeking. However, the higher acidity means that the tannins are more subdued. Pinot noir is also very easy to pair with food so its perfect for a date!

How To Start Enjoying Red Wine


Grenache has a similar flavour profile to pinot noir. However, Grenache can be a lot fruitier. Think strawberries and raspberries. This red is another easy gateway to learn to love red wine. The tannins in a Grenache are also fairly mellow due to the acidity levels. Give a glass of this a swirl and lets us know your thoughts!

How To Start Enjoying Red Wine


Many have heard of Shiraz, well a syrah is apart of the same family however, Syrah tends to be a little bit more on the fruity side. Shiraz (my personal favourite) is more peppery and can be a little heavier on the palette. If you are looking for something that will give you a jump start to drinking heavier, more full-bodied reds. Syrah is the way to go!


If you walk into a bottle shop and feel a little lost, don’t be afraid to ask. If you ask the sales assistant to help you with find a red with a light fruity palette and a medium body, you can’t lose. They will point you in the right direction and help you find one that suits a beginner’s palette. Remember there is no shame in buying casket wine! It’s a right of passage for uni students, and hey it saves you a few dollars. If you can’t seem to find the type of red the tickles your fancy right away, don’t get disheartened. Try again, I promise there is a red wine out there for you!

Do you have a date or a girls night coming up? If so take a chance and try one of these varieties, I’m positive there will be at least one red wine that interests you. Let us know how you are coming along with your wine journey and what your favourite variety is!

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