I Went On 7 Dates In 7 Days & This Is What Happened

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Before these 7 dates, I wouldn’t consider myself a serial dater, but I have been on my fair share of dates. I have been single for a while and thought it would be good to get myself back into the dating game. To not embarrass anyone, I will refer to my dates as their numbers. I found my dates through face-to-face interactions, Tinder and OkCupid

1. The one to remind me that romance isn’t dead 

Whilst out drinking at a bar, 1 approached me and complimented my dress and asked if we could go out for dinner. When the day of the date came, he asked for my address to come and get me later. He arrived in a taxi so he could drink and make sure I got there and home safely – which I found really sweet and thoughtful. Whilst on the date, I found out he lived near the restaurant, which made his gesture seem thoughtful coming out of his way for me. The date was lovely and the conversation flowed, but I was concerned about him constantly mentioning his good friend, who is also an ex throughout the date. I decided it would be our first and last date, but I text him thanking him for a lovely evening.  

I Went On 7 Dates In 7 Days

2. The one to remind me that romance is truly dead  

I met 2 at my friend’s birthday party, we got on and planned a date to spend time together alone. He picked me up and instead of going bowling like we planned, he drove us to his house.  When we arrived, his sister was home, he told me to wait with his sister and he would be back soon. I sat there awkwardly until he came back. He had brought himself food from a Chinese takeaway, without buying me anything or even asking if I wanted something! So, I sat there awkwardly whilst he ate, honestly shocked that he was so inconsiderate and I quickly made my excuses and left! If anyone came to my house for the evening; friend, guest or potential date, I would offer to get them something, he didn’t even have to pay – but an offer would have been pleasant!    

3. The one to remind me to never trust a dating profile photo 

I decided that I wanted to meet 3 for breakfast, we met on OkCupid and he told me he knew all about phones and I thought this was perfect, I was taking out my first phone contract myself and wanted some help. We met outside the phone shop, he approached me and introduced himself and I honestly didn’t recognise the person in front of me! I was shocked and felt lied to and didn’t want to continue the date as I knew I wasn’t attracted to him. We picked up my new phone and walked to a café to get some breakfast. Throughout the date, the conversation flowed we had lots in common and I realised he would make a great friend. After breakfast, I had my friend pick me up with an emergency and messaged 3 and let him down gently over text.  

I Went On 7 Dates In 7 Days

4. The one that proves kissing a few frogs is worth it  

I had met 4 on Tinder a few weeks before the date, I kept cancelling as I wasn’t sure if he was exactly my type from the pictures and we seemed very different. When I met him outside the restaurant, I was surprised by how easy he was to get on with and how attracted to him I was. We had such a lovely first date, he made me laugh and told me stories about his travels around Europe in a tiny car with friends.  By the end of the date, the restaurant was closing and it was time to leave, but we had such a lovely time we didn’t want to. He drove me home and we had a kiss goodbye, he text me saying he had a lovely date and planned our next one. I have a good feeling about this date!  

5. The one to prove that a bad personality is a deal breaker  

At a friend’s party, I met 5 and ended up making out with him and we arranged a date. Due to his busy work schedule, we had cancelled and rearranged a few times. But we planned where and what time we were meeting, and I asked if he was going to pick me up or should I make my own way there? His response was aggressive saying I was presumptuous and rude for asking him to pick me up, which I didn’t, I gave the option of getting there myself. I replied saying chivalry is well and truly dead, he responded why couldn’t I be chivalrous to him? I tried explaining it was a joke, but realised that we are too different and I didn’t want to date someone who would talk to me in that way. I cancelled and went out for dinner with my best friend and had a really lovely time!  

6. The one to remind me that casual dates can be fun  

I met 6 on Tinder and thought a casual date in the park would be a nice change. We met on his lunch break and he looked exactly like his photo and we had really good chemistry. We both shared a love of travel and stupid jokes; we didn’t have long together but agreed we would like to catch up again. I sensed from 6 that he wasn’t looking for anything serious, he was in the process of relocating for work. And I wouldn’t be interested in a long-distance situation but I would like to stay in touch with him.  

I Went On 7 Dates In 7 Days

7. The one to remind me to not judge a book by its cover  

A few months ago, I met 7 whilst I was working at a bar, we texted but I wasn’t sure if I was attracted to him. He was just so lovely that I wanted to be! I had an extra ticket to a gig and no-one to go with, so I invited him and he was thrilled to go. When he picked me up, it wasn’t awkward and seemed like we had known each other forever. We didn’t stop laughing and messing around the whole evening, he made it clear he was interested romantically and despite really wanting to I couldn’t find myself attracted to him. When we said goodbye, he kissed me on the cheek and I told him the attraction wasn’t there, but I would love to be friends. I don’t know if he will take me up on that offer as he seemed a little upset, but only time will tell.  

I Went On 7 Dates In 7 Days


This week has showed me that dating is tough! And it’s largely to do with numbers, out of all of the dates and drama, I have found some friends and potentially someone I would like to continue dating. But it has proved to me that your initial gut feeling is usually right, you can’t force attraction, no matter how hard you try.  

Have you tried dating 7 guys in 7 days? How did you get on? And did you find success or disaster? Comment below and share your stories!  

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