Jackets for the Fall That Are Gorgeous

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The fall is time for a good jacket. Everyone loves a good oversized jacket for their pumpkin-picking adventures when football games get chilly or just lounging around working in your PJs. A jacket is good for all hours during the fall and here are some you’ll love!

1. Oversized Jacket

This is my all-time favorite, go to, Holy Grail, The Jacket. The Ruby Jacket from Free People is the ultimate fall jacket because it looks like a big t-shirt and comes in any color you could possibly ask for. While it is over $100, you will get your money’s worth out of it because it can make any outfit look cute. It has a good sherpa outside and is thick enough that you can wear as a top or jacket, but won’t ruin whatever nice outfit you have underneath because it’s equally as cute. 

*Jackets for the Fall That Are Gorgeous

2. Corduroy Jacket 

This jacket is perfect for fall, I don’t know why but when I think autumn, I think corduroy. Something about the coziness of the material just screams pumpkin spice and soup to me, so it’s no shock that this corduroy jacket is next on the list of must-haves. I have even seen shirt jackets that work perfectly so you can have a thinner, more versatile way to wear this jacket! 

*Jackets for the Fall That Are Gorgeous

3. Plaid 

Plaid is a great, classic jacket to have in your wardrobe at any given time. You can throw a flannel over anything and have yourself a great layered look that is timeless. People are going crazy over the boyfriend look, aka the super oversized flannel that basically goes down to your knees. Throw a sweatshirt under the plaid jacket and you will be extra toasty, and I guarantee you’ll be wearing it every single day.

*Jackets for the Fall That Are Gorgeous

4. Sherpa

I call these bear coats. Anyways, this jacket is very trendy and can make any outfit of yours look chic. Throw on a pair of cool sunnies and a pair of leggings and sneakers for an easy class outfit that isn’t too dressed up but isn’t your pajamas. It’s hard to feel cute when going to class, but throwing your hair in a claw clip and throwing on a comfy sherpa jacket is great for an effortless fall look that you’ll never grow tired of. 

*Jackets for the Fall That Are Gorgeous

5. Leather Blazer

A blazer is a great jacket to have for your night, going out looks. You will absolutely love a good blazer over your normal jeans and cropped tank look because it gives you some added warmth but also doesn’t look like you just threw on a random jacket before running out to the Uber, or other car ride service since Uber is on the outs. This isn’t just any regular jacket, however, because this one is leather to give it an added edge or flare that you did not know you needed! A jacket that can pull an outfit together and be worn at most occasions? Absolutely. 

*Jackets for the Fall That Are Gorgeous

6. Lantern Sleeves

The balloon sleeve is honestly one of the greater inventions for those who hate it when they can’t wear their sweaters under jackets because their sleeves won’t fit both. It’s really one of the most annoying parts about wearing a jacket, so enter the lantern-sleeved jacket. A bomber-style jacket is great to wear at any hour because they are dressy enough to wear over a night outfit but just casual enough to throw over jeans and a tee or even leggings. 

*Jackets for the Fall That Are Gorgeous 


7. Oversized Denim

The denim jacket reigns as the most worn jacket of the fall I’m convinced. Wearing a big, oversized jean jacket can look good with quite literally every outfit you own. Jeans? Jean jacket. Leggings or biker shorts? Oversized denim jacket. Big sweater or sweatshirt? Can be worn with an oversized jean jacket. Are you getting my drift here? You can dress this up or down any way you want to and have yourself an outfit complete with a cute jacket to go alongside it. It’s so versatile it should be a staple for you and everyone you know. If you don’t want to be super basic you can get a black or white denim jacket to spice it up a bit. 

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*Jackets for the Fall That Are Gorgeous

8. Scuba Jacket

If you’re a fan of Lululemon, you will know their signature scuba style athleisure jacket. It is perfect for a yoga mom vibe that one gets when wearing a full Lululemon set. Kind of like a soccer mom who has yoga and a PTA meeting but also runs her own jewelry company. Anyways, this jacket is great for those who don’t want to wear a sweatshirt over their workout clothes but still want a full outfit. It also is great to pull off any athleisure look that you want to go for, especially if you want to wear a tank top but it’s still a bit chilly out. They’re skin tight and super comfortable, and they’re form-fitting. 

*Jackets for the Fall That Are Gorgeous

9. Cropped

Any jacket looks great cropped and is amazing to wear out with your high-waisted pants and cropped top. Jackets like these are great for people who like to keep their jackets on with their outfits the entire day or night. They crop right with your shirt so you don’t have to worry about lengths clashing or anything like that, but still are available in any pattern or style you could want. 

*Jackets for the Fall That Are Gorgeous

10. Bomber

The bomber jacket is back and better than ever! You will adore this style because it can be a solid color, or sherpa style and still complete whatever outfit you would enjoy. Jackets can be difficult to find that still looks good with a night outfit, I know. It can easily ruin your vibe, but bomber jackets are here to make sure that that does not happen to you. They’re an awesome alternative to a jean jacket and have more color options for you to enjoy!

*Jackets for the Fall That Are Gorgeous

A great jacket can be your best friend during the fall. These ones will keep you toasty while still keeping your fashion sense in check! Let me know your favorite in the comments below. 

Featured Image by: lilylulu.com on Pinterest

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