Mike Tyson Names The '$100,000,000 Fight' He Wants To See Jake Paul In And It's HUGE

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But boxing legend ‘Iron’ Mike reckons ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ should take the fight for the purse alone, claiming it would be a LOT more than what he currently earns in the UFC.

On Paul vs. Usman, he said: “I want to see that s**t.

“It’s going to be so much f**king money, how can he turn it down?

“That’s way more money than… it’s twice or three times as much money [than he earns] in the UFC. So, how could he turn it down?”

“I don’t necessarily care for the fight, but when you see… there is a lot of work I have put into my sport to get into the position I am in and then you see these guys saying ‘I want to challenge this guy, this guy’ it is disrespectful,” he explained.

“I want to go out and send him a clear message and harsh punishment. I think the cheque would have to have eight zeros in it!

“I didn’t pay attention before, he was just a regular guy running his mouth but once he made the comments he made about DC, DC is not just one of the most respected guys in the sport he is also a good, close friend.

“Once I saw those comments that when I took notice.

“If I am in a position to give these guys a lesson then absolutely.

“Because they are about my weight, if they ever wanted to fight I would be the guy they would have to fight. his brother is fighting Floyd but that fight doesn’t make sense because Floyd is giving up almost 50 pounds to these guys.

“I am their weight, I am the guy for them to pick on, I am the guy to discipline these guys and if it makes sense then of course we will do it, but it will need a lot of zeros.”

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