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Modern Relationships VS Your Parents Relationship

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In today’s society it’s unclear as to what a perfect relationship actually is. Should we be courting the same way our parents did? Or are the new rules of dating a better phenomenon? Relationships nowadays tackle a whole new set of problems. Modern couples struggle with things like finding a place to live or deciding between starting a family or pursuing a career. It seems that happily ever after is slightly more difficult to achieve, could this be down to social media? Here are the differences between modern relationships and your parent’s relationship.

Old Fashioned- Our parents noticed each other in bars or clubs.

They’d meet unexpectedly and get that “love at first sight kind of feeling”. Or they’d get the “I’d like you to leave me alone now kind of feeling.” This still happens in today’s world, but with social media taking over its now much easier to drop into someone DMs.

Modern Relationships VS Your Parents Relationship

Modern Relationships- Today you hear your phone buzz, it’s a text from somebody you haven’t heard from in months, maybe even years?

“Hey what’s up” (Usually at 1 am) this is how people hit you up in 2018. Sometimes it’s even somebody you’ve never met before. They decide to speak to you based on a few pictures they’ve seen on Facebook or Tinder. It’s all about looks now, leaving no room for that spark you feel when you really connect with somebody.

Old fashioned- Our parents didn’t care if they had a one hour commute to see each other.

People didn’t really have cars back then. You had to walk or take a bus, some would take two trains and a bus just see their crush.

Modern Relationships- You set your tinder location to 1 mile maximum, anywhere else is too far to travel.

I mean, if there really fit I might change it to five miles, but they’ve got to be special! I drive, but it’s still too far.

Old Fashioned- Our parents were never allowed to stay in the same bed.

This was outright disrespectful.  Sleeping next to one another was not a thing, back then you slept in the spare room or went home.

Modern Relationships- You practically move your other half into your parents’ house, or you move out (If you can afford it.)

Your probably can’t afford it unless you both have really good jobs.

Old fashioned- Our parents had to go to a payphone to call each other.

They would walk to the nearest telephone box and dial, they’d pop twenty pence coins into a machine and watch anxiously as the minutes ticked away. What’s more romantic than a few precious minutes on the telephone? How eager would you be to make that conversation count?

Modern Relationships- You message people on social media, there is barely ever a moment when you are unable to contact someone.

Most people nowadays have a smartphone with them at all times. You can talk whenever you want. You spend all day texting, by the time you actually see each other you’ve already exhausted half of the topics of conversation.

Modern Relationships VS Your Parents Relationship

Old fashioned- Our parents got married at a young age.

The men asked for permission, they spent time saving money for that one special day when they could marry the love of their life.

Modern Relationships- Nowadays there are a lot of people who see marriage as a waste of time.

It’s not as important as it once was, people are prioritising differently. Most people would rather focus on saving money to buy a house or they’d rather just enjoy themselves and go on a few nice holidays rather than waste money on one day.

Old fashioned- Our parents stuck together.

They seemed to meet at a young age, during or just after school. A lot of them are still together today. My parents just recently celebrated their 25th anniversary.

Modern Relationships- The internet causes all kinds of problems for people in relationships.

It delivers a temptation that is always there. Weather that’s porn or an old friend contacting you out the blue on social media, this causes disruption in your relationship.

Old fashioned- Our parents were different.

It was always the guy would pursue the girl, pay for dates and to propose.

Modern Relationships-  In today’s society each sex will peruse each other equally, there are no rules anymore.

A woman would not be judged if she asked a guy out on a date. It’s no longer a requirement that the guy gets the bill.  Today, you are would be more likely to split the bill, this is probably down to feminism, women have ruined this for themselves.

Old fashioned-Our parent’s rules were different.

The woman was to stay at home and look after the kids whilst the man was to be the breadwinner.

Modern Relationships- We don’t care who makes the money as long as it’s coming in.

Most people will decide who makes the most money and the lesser will stay at home because it’s financially sensible. There are no gender rules involved anymore.

These are the differences I have noticed between Modern relationships and old school traditional relationships. Which do you prefer, or are you somewhere in-between?
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A recent graduate based in Liverpool. I have a passion for writing, travel and good food.

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