Noel Gallagher Is Left Handed But ‘Plays Guitar and Eats Crisps’ Right-Handed

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Whenever you see Noel Gallagher or Oasis in the news these days, it’s at best tangentially related to their musical output. But once upon a time, Gallagher and his brother Liam were faces of the Britpop movement that dominated the UK airwaves in the 1990s.

At their commercial peak, the band was a global phenomenon thanks to their guitar-pop stylings. In order to get to that level of fame, Noel learned to play his instrument in an idiosyncratic way. 

Noel Gallagher performing on stage
Noel Gallagher | Javier Bragado/Getty Images

Noel learned to do many tasks with his off-hand

Left-handed people learn early in life that the world is not built for them. (Shoutout to everyone whose hand gets covered in pencil residue after writing in a notebook for too long.) Some items such as scissors, golf clubs, or keyboards are now made specifically to be more intuitive for southpaws. 

There are also left-handed guitars, but Noel Gallagher learned how to play the instrument the traditional way despite it not being on his natural side. 

Gallagher interviewed with British radio station Radio X to answer the most Googled questions about him. Three minutes into the video, he talks about becoming adept with his right hand for his chosen profession and other, more mundane activities. “[I play] guitar right-handed and eat crisps right-handed, but I am left-handed, I’m ambidextrous,” he says.  

Every leftie has to learn to do some things with their off-hand to get through the day, but in typical Gallagher fashion, he determines that his ambidexterity is down to him being “special.”  

The music of Oasis is overshadowed by the constant controversies caused by the two brothers