Radiation Hates A Case If It’s SafeSleeve’s Detachable For iPhone 13 Pro Max Or Antimicrobial for iPhone 12 Mini

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So everybody has smartphones now and the talk is about which has what features and how new those features are. Lost in all this is the fact that phones are now becoming so sophisticated that everyone is putting their entire lives on the phone. That means social of course but that also means financial as well. But if you point this out to anyone they’ll tend to get it confused with protecting their phone from harm — because today’s smartphones are actually becoming more prone to damage due to the way they are being made. So let’s differentiate between the two and say that having a case to protect the phone is a good, no make that great idea, but having a way to protect oneself from the radiation being generated by the phone even more so.

So what’s needed is a sophisticated, but simple method to keep using the phone but not letting the radiation cause issues. And since so many cases have slots for credit cards, please add RFID protection as well. But the case needs to not and not inhibit the normal operation of the phone or the “muscle memory” of the person using it. Fortunately there is such a product, coming from SafeSleeve for the Apple iPhone and they’re called the SafeSleeve Detachable for iPhone 13 Pro Max and the SafeSleeve Antimicrobial for iPhone 12 Mini.


The SafeSleeve Detachable for iPhone 13 Pro Max has two characteristics; one being how it protects the phone and the other being how it protects you. Starting with the phone, the Detachable features an inner case and this is what goes around the iPhone to provide drop protection — the inner case is made to certified military grade (Mil-Std 810G) drop standards so it can take falling (but try not to have that happen, OK?). Using the phone this way makes for a slimmer profile and it’s great to have the option when it’s just you at your desk or the gym working out, but that’s only part of it being detachable. The outer case which the case (and phone) goes against adheres to it magnetically so it’s easy to use — no adhesive to get gunky or dry out.


So now what’s the deal with that outer case? First off, with the phone in place it doesn’t become a big and bulky but does create a more solid carry. There’s 4 card slots built in, so it can function as a bit of a pseudo-wallet which is a nice touch. The phone can now be set up to view because there’s a built-in adjustable kickstand that stays out of the way when unneeded. But now’s the time for the main attraction: the outer case blocks radiation and that requires drilling down into what that means: first off, there’s RFID blocking and that’s the kind of talk where someone gets too close and “pulls” your credit card info right out of the airwaves (like standing behind you at an ATM, etc.). Crappy, right? But the shielding built into this case blocks that. And there’s more.

Remember the other talk about how the radiation from using a cell phone was going to cause health issues, etc from being in your pocket or close up? Well the case is designed with a durable non-slip outer material, followed by a lead free anti-radiation/RFID blocking material underneath that results in it blocking radiation (5G, WiFi, EMF, etc.) away from your body but still allowing the signal to enter and exit the back of the phone. The shielding can block up to 99% of radio frequencies and up to 92% of ELF (battery, AC power, etc.) cell phone radiation.

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So here’s how it’s used (keeping in mind that the inner case by itself doesn’t block anything): the case is in your pocket with the front flap towards your body so as to deflect radiation away. You take it out because you’re going to take a phone call — so you close the radiation shielding front flap and go for it (this uncovers the mic and ear speaker). You can also fold the flap behind the phone for shielding the back while in use.

The SafeSleeve Detachable for iPhone 13 Pro Max comes in various colors because why not and has been FCC accredited lab testing of its shielding tech.


Now the SafeSleeve Antimicrobial for iPhone 12 Mini (coming in black or camel) has the same anti-radiation abilities as the Detachable and holds 4 cards with RFID blocking tech. Only it’s not detachable. What’s added here is an outer material for the case that is designed to repel and kill over 99% of germs, bacteria and fungal growth (if that sounds icky it’s because it is). And since there’s been more talk that one can stand pointing out how “dirty” a phone gets from all its daily use, anything that can remove those invisible bugaboos is appreciated. Especially since you don’t have to do anything to make that happen.

Accessories are also available, such as a magnetic car or desk mount, screen protectors and others. For more details go to https://www.safesleevecases.com/

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