Russian citizens are protesting conscription and being loaded on to buses by police

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As Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his next move yesterday (20 September) in Russia’s war against Ukraine, many have protested his latest decision.

In yet another turn in this war, Putin announced a partial mobilisation of his forces, which means more Russians will have to go and fight on the frontline.

Footage circulating on social media shows people protesting against Putin’s latest move:

Some protestors end up being roughly arrested by police and loaded onto buses.

As people attempt to stop the officers, they are stopped in their tracks and blocked from trying to get to them.

Police officers also attempt to block protestors from filming the eventful scenes.

This now-viral footage is not the only protests taking place in Russia this evening with some happening in most Russian cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ekaterinburg.

Footage from the latest round of protests was comprised into a handy thread by Moscow-based British Journalist Danny Armstrong, in what he described as an ‘eerie repeat of 24 February’ – the day Russia invaded Ukraine.

Some of the footage circulated by Danny shows more peaceful protests than the footage on Reddit, but there are a fair few with some unpleasant scenes.

An independent organisation that supports democratic development in Russia, and is against the war in Ukraine, have provided their views on the protests on Twitter.

The Free Russia Foundation said: “In Russia, actions have begun against the mobilization today. Dozens of people have already been detained at these rallies in cities across Siberia and the Far East. More than 200,000 people have already signed a petition against mobilization.

“Amidst the information that 300 thousand people are promised to be drafted into the army and that departures from Russia may be blocked for reservists, direct flights from Moscow to countries which do not require visas for entry have run out of tickets for the next few days.”

The account continued by saying people who took part in the protest today (21 September) were threatened with 15 years in jail: “The anti-war movement ‘Vesna’ called on Russians to march on the streets of their cities on the evening of September 21.

Protestors have took place throughout Russia over the country's war with Ukraine. Credit: Asar Studios / Alamy Stock Photo
Protestors have took place throughout Russia over the country’s war with Ukraine. Credit: Asar Studios / Alamy Stock Photo

“In turn, the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office threatened the participants of the protests against the mobilization with ‘imprisonment for up to 15 years.'”

Russian President Putin announced the conscription would start from today, with Russia’s Defence Minister, Sergei Shoigu, saying he expected 300,000 Russians to be called up.

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