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Simple Workout Routines For When You Don’t Have Enough Time

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Including any physical activity as part of your regular routine is a huge step for a healthy life. But we know, it’s not always easy juggling between working out, having a job or studying, making time for family and friends and a whole lot of other chores we have to do daily. There are some workouts you can still do spending less than half an hour a day that can help you improving your way of living.

Benefits Of Working Out

Just remember that exercising daily has multiple benefits including making you feel happier, relaxed and less stresses since it increases the production of endorphins known as the happy hormones. Including simple workouts on your everyday life can also help you with weight loss, increasing your energy levels, reducing risk of chronic diseases and helping your brain health and memory. We bring you a few simple workout routines hacks and tips you can add to your tight schedule design specially for when you don’t have enough time!

1. Transform Your Commute Into A Simple Workout Routine

Spending long minutes driving to and from your workplace or college can cost you precious time and also can affect your body since you spend a lot of time sitting down. And sometimes the place you need to go is not that far! It might not sound as a much of a workout but changing your daily habits can help you achieve that goal of including simple workouts routines in your life. When going to work or college instead of taking your usual car ride try jogging, biking or even walking to add that boost of energy to your mornings. If the place you need to be at is a bit far and you feel you will arrive there a puddle of sweat, don’t worry! You can still take the bus or train and try getting off a few stops before your final destination. You can also take your car but park farther than where you usually do it. This will not only include exercising as part of your daily routine but will help you create a condition until you can walk the whole distance without even noticing! Apply this tip also when you have to go to a store or meet friends at a nearby location.

Simple Workout Routines For When You Don’t Have Enough Time

2. Search For Adaptable Routines

Sometimes we have a bit of spare time that we can fit a simple workout routine in, but we don’t really know what to do. Or maybe we really want to make the time for it. If that is any of your situations follow this hack! Check out popular fitness channels around YouTube, some like Pop Sugar Fitness have different length videos ranging from five minutes to more than an hour. On this network you can find from dancing, to yoga, to Pilates or heavier workouts. Their routines are also designed with a purpose like burning calories or sculpting your glutes for example.

Definitely there’s a video made for everyone on their channel! Plus, you don’t really need big equipment to make their workout routines, sometimes you just need a matt. But if you are at work and have a spare time and a perfectly comfortable rug be sure to check some of their videos. We are sure you can find your own favorite channels that have these simple routine workouts modality also, the best thing is you won’t be working out totally alone! You’ll be getting extra motivation from the instructors and guidance.

Simple Workout Routines For When You Don’t Have Enough Time

3. Exercise A Different Part Everyday

Another way to add simple workouts routines to your daily life for those weeks when you don’t have little to no time left is dividing your days by body areas you want to work out. For example, on Mondays you can exercise your arms and add movements like a minute plank, 3 sets of 15 push-ups each and 3 sets of 15 overhead extensions which will take you less than twenty minutes to complete. Is like building little routines for each day! You can even take a day off, like Sundays and prepare all your little simple workout routines in advance.

Be sure to include routines that don’t need any big machines or tons of space so you can really do them. A good thing is that if you don’t really know how to begin you can search for small routines around the internet that even include videos on how to do each exercise.

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Simple Workout Routines For When You Don’t Have Enough Time

4. Program A Weekly Class

Try finding a fitness class to do weekly, when you have a busy schedule adding a class to your schedule can be a better way than saying you are going to work out at the gym but then never go to it. Or worse going to the gym to just change from machine to machine without really working out. Find a class you really enjoy, it could be spinning, cardio dancing, Zumba or swimming, just choose whatever fits you best. A good thing about just having a schedule class is that you will add it to your weekly schedule plans and that way you would feel more obligated to assist to it. There are classes that range from 30 minutes to an hour, an easy way to follow a simple workout routine.

If you don’t want to sign up alone for this, bring a couple of family members or friends that want to exercise more! You can also search for a place that gives classes on a time and day that adapts to you the must, for example if you get out of work or school at five find a place that has classes around six o’clock. Another great thing of having a class to go to is that you can make new friends with a common interest that will help you thru your exercising process!

Simple Workout Routines For When You Don’t Have Enough Time

No there is no excuse to stop working out even if you have a busy schedule!

Do you have any other things we should add to our simple workout routines? Let us know!

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