Summer Wedding Makeup Looks You Won’t Sweat Off

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Believe it or not, summer is fast approaching, and that means the temperatures will soon be rising. There shall be no more fancy makeup looks with basic products. Now is the time to whip out the eye-catching, yet waterproof looks to wear to this season’s biggest events: weddings! People have been bundled up in their homes for months, and now it’s time to celebrate, so make sure you have the perfect look to go along with your stylish summer outfits by checking out this collection of summer wedding makeup looks that you won’t sweat off!

Neon Pop

A new fashion trend that has dominated the past few seasons has been the incorporation of small and subtle pops of bright neons. These neon colors bring back the boldness of fashion of the 1980s when neon pink and neon yellow were two of the most popular clothing colors on the young adult shelves. Neons bring the focus to wherever they’re placed, and in turn, can make your eyes, lips, or cheekbones more noticeable. It’s become quite popular to take a random neon color and carefully outline the inner corner of your eye to bring attention right to your beautiful eye color, whatever it may be. 

You can complete this look with any neon eyeshadow, but there’s a palette from Violet Voss called “Bright Vibes,” which is totally 80s inspired, with colors like “Leg Warmers,” “Fanny Pack,” and “Boombox,” it’s the perfect palette to achieve this look. It retails for $30 on Sephora, which isn’t bad, considering it has 10 different shades to go with every outfit. All the neon colors of the rainbow come together to jam-pack this palette with bold color!

Summer Wedding Makeup Looks You Won’t Sweat Off

Bright Lips

Brightly toned lips will catch anyone’s attention, and while you don’t want to draw attention away from the bride, there’s no time better than the summer to go big and bold. If your outfit is multicolored and summery, bright lips are the perfect statement to add to the package. Even if your outfit is simple and sweet, bold, bright lips are the perfect way to grab just the right amount of attention. 

Many bright lip colors are berry-toned, and those give lips the fullest and most kissable look, so if you’re heading to the wedding hoping to meet a single someone on the dancefloor, bright berry lips is the summer wedding makeup look for you. Somewhere to get a perfectly bold-toned lip color is from singer/songwriter Halsey’s new makeup line, about-face. Her “Anti-Vday” collection features some beautiful brights and would make a subtly sexy addition to any outfit.

Summer Wedding Makeup Looks You Won’t Sweat Off

Heavenly Highlighter

Highlighter is every girl’s new favorite makeup trend because it highlights the best parts of one’s face, and brings attention to all the right spots. Brightly colored or iridescent highlighters make your face appear near magical. Plus, using a highlighter to accent a simple makeup look is a subtle and sweet way to gain attention without blatantly demanding it with bright eyes or bold lips. 

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line caters to women of all colors and produces a highlighter stick that is not only easy to use but bold and noticeable on every skin type. Outline your sharp cheekbones or your button nose with the help of colors like “Chili Mango Sun-Kissed Orange Sheen,” “Unicorn Platinum Lilac,” and “Trippin’ Gold Glazed Apricot,” which are light but bright and sure to go with any outfit you choose to rock!

Summer Wedding Makeup Looks You Won’t Sweat Off

Sunset Eyes

If whatever wedding you’re heading to this summer isn’t on a beach, we’re sorry. Beach weddings are gorgeous, especially when you’re able to catch the sunset on the water. Sunsets themselves are beautiful, especially during the stormy summers. Hues of pinks, purples, oranges, and reds all coming together to create one of the most beautiful scenes mankind has ever seen. Why not put such a beautiful scene right above your breathtaking eyes?

To achieve this look, you can simply mix and match palettes until you find the perfect blend, or you can buy a specially designed sunset color palette from Ulta Beauty. The Iconic London “Sunset to Sunrise” palette provides you with every color you need to create a dreamy sunset eye look that will match a plethora of outfits, making this an awesome summer wedding makeup look to try!

Summer Wedding Makeup Looks You Won’t Sweat Off

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Rainbow Eyes

Yet again, we come to a brightly colored summer wedding makeup look that is sure to grab just the right amount of attention. For years, makeup artists have been trying to perfect their take on the rainbow eyeshadow look that has swept the internet time and time again. As it is so brightly colored and upbeat, the rainbow look is perfect for the summer. It is also perfect for celebrating every single type of love, no matter what that type may be!

To achieve this look, you can try the ColourPop “fade into hue” rainbow eyeshadow palette. With 30 different shades, this palette includes the six major rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) and five of their respective hues. With this set, you can either create a simple yet colorful look or an increasingly bold and sparklingly beautiful look! It’s ultimately up to you, but this could be the perfect summer wedding makeup look to go with almost any outfit!

Summer Wedding Makeup Looks You Won’t Sweat Off

Natural Beachy Look

Whether you’re heading to a wedding on a beach or simply celebrating a summer wedding, a natural, subtle beachy look may be the perfect choice for you. It isn’t hard to accomplish for those of you who aren’t incredibly makeup savvy, and it pairs well with simple hair waves if hair isn’t your strong suit either. This look essentially just consists of a simple eyeliner and coat of mascara (perhaps tinted a simple color to bring out your eyes?) with a dash of shiny lip gloss to give off the vibe of innocent simplicity.

To get this look, simply line your eyes with a water-resistant liner, like the “Glossier Pro Tip,” and coat your lashes in a water-resistant mascara, like Glossier’s “Lash Slick.” From there, you can tint your cheeks with a slight blush and give your lips a nice glossy finish, so they look soft and supple and absolutely kissable. Lip gloss like Glossier’s trio is the simple touch you need to look absolutely divine at the summer wedding.

Summer Wedding Makeup Looks You Won’t Sweat Off

Which of these summer wedding makeup looks will you wear to this summer’s celebration of love? Tell us in the comments below!

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