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The 10 Best Cakes And Biscuits Of All Time

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In the modern world of Instagram foodies and social media influencers, our food focus tends to be on aesthetically pleasing salads and new vegan cuisine. The traditional foodstuffs like cakes and biscuits have been kinda sidelined. But let’s not lie to ourselves, these snacky puds are the unsung heroes of the culinary world. So here’s a list of our top ten, to bring them back into the limelight.

1. McVitie’s Digestives

Ah, digestives, une classique. These veggie friendly wheat-based biscuits are our OG tea-dunkers. The milk chocolate ones are obviously a go to, but they come in a whole variety of flavours: the classic plain, dark chocolate, and the caramel ones especially we love just as much!

The 10 Best Cakes And Biscuits Of All Time

2. Jammy Dodger

These sweet, soft and addictive raspberry jam-filled shortbread biscuits with their jam splat decoration are just as aesthetically pleasing as any bougie salad. They might remind you of being a kid, but they’re still just as delicious whatever age you are- we just wish they put more in a pack!

The 10 Best Cakes And Biscuits Of All Time

3. Jaffa Cakes

Are they a cake, are they a biscuit? The debate continues, but Jaffa Cakes are another McVitie’s product that has to be in our top ten. Drizzled with dark chocolate, and filled with zesty jelly on that soft thin sponge base, once that orange film packet is opened, it’s impossible to stop. Whether you eat your Jaffa Cakes in one bite, or in a chocolate-jelly-sponge order, they’ll be gone in minutes.

The 10 Best Cakes And Biscuits Of All Time

4. Custard Creams

Custard Creams are another treat which has been a classic for decades, and with good reason. In tiny bite-size sandwiches, vanilla flavoured, with creamy custard fillings, these are another great tea accompaniment we just can’t get enough of- you’ll be wanting to buy more than one pack of these.

The 10 Best Cakes And Biscuits Of All Time

5. Fox’s Party Rings

Fox’s Party Rings are one of those snacks that bring back memories of primary school parties in a rush of nostalgia.  These iced shortbread treats are deliciously sweet, their range of pretty colours are all naturally sourced, and the way that that glazing cracks in your mouth is just heavenly.

The 10 Best Cakes And Biscuits Of All Time

6. Angel Slices

These pink and yellow iced sponge slices from Mr Kipling are gorgeously tasty, separated by a creamy vanilla filling. They’re the sort of cake that makes you feel really sophisticated, without spending much at all.

The 10 Best Cakes And Biscuits Of All Time

7. Gingerbread Men

These ginger flavoured biscuits are absolute essentials, wherever you get them from- and now gingerbread women are just as popular- as they should be! Chewy, snappy baked goodies that are an essential addition to anyone’s biscuit tin- yes, please!

The 10 Best Cakes And Biscuits Of All Time

8. Caterpillar Cakes

These sumptuous cakes you can find at Marks and Spencer are buttercream filled, milk chocolate coated mini sponge rolls, decorated with multi-coloured beans and an adorable white chocolate face.

The 10 Best Cakes And Biscuits Of All Time

9. Orange Cake

Orange cake is such an underrated treat- like, how come lemon drizzle gets all the attention? Soft, tangy sponge that you can have in cupcakes, loaves, and double layered sponge, with thick, sweet frosting, or zesty glazing- what more could you want? (Plus those orange jelly slices you can get on top are super cute.)

The 10 Best Cakes And Biscuits Of All Time

10. Cookies

Cookies, though, might have to be our favourites of all time. Chewy yet crunchy, soft yet crumbly, with melty chocolate chips and sweet vanilla batter, cookies will always be a favourite sweet treat. Whether you get mini-packeted ones, like Maryland Cookies, bakery packets, or those amazing iced cookie cakes, cookies are the one.

The 10 Best Cakes And Biscuits Of All Time

Can you think of any of your favourite cakes and biscuits that haven’t made our top ten? Let us know in the comments below!

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