The 10 Best Job Search Websites For Recent College Grads

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Graduating from college is an exciting time for everyone, but it doesn’t come without its own set of fears and challenges. All of a sudden you’re expected to immediately find a job, start living on your own, and likely be paying off a massive pile of student loans. It can be hard deciding where to start on the job search that will undoubtedly define the beginning of the long career you have ahead of you. With technology becoming ever so important in our lives, there are dozens of job search websites that you can utilize to find the best job. Here’s a list of ten of the best job search websites for those of you who have recently graduated and need a place to start.

This site is really the best if you’re looking for management and business related job opportunities. You can apply to almost all the jobs on-site and they have a mobile option!

Here are the best job search websites for recent college grads!

Most of us are pretty familiar with Indeed already (as a matter of fact it’s how I found my first internship). They have literally hundreds of postings for jobs and internships of all kinds. They also have a mobile option, and you can apply to a lot of the jobs directly through the site.

This is one of the best job search websites for technology professionals. You can create personalized salary estimates and receive job notifications through their website or mobile app! With their having nearly 80,000 job postings, you can’t go wrong here.

Here are the best job search websites for recent college grads!

CareerBuilder has jobs for every skill set available. They have a super organized website where you can search specifically for top companies, specific cities, or more locally-owned and smaller businesses.

USAjobs offers “unique hiring paths to help hire individuals that represent out diverse society.” Search using many different and specific parameters such as jobs open to the public, for the military, for military spouses, for people with disabilities, and, of course, for recent college graduates.

Here are the best job search websites for recent college grads!

Glassdoor offers a variety of resources (aside from their many, many job postings). For example, they have livestreams that give helpful tips on how to land a job and articles that offer insight into your specific market worth as a worker in your field.

A lot of us are probably pretty familiar with Monster Jobs. Aside from their strangely cute mascot, they have millions of job postings and offer career advice, resume services, and education partners to help give you “a leg up in the job search.”

Here are the best job search websites for recent college grads!

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This one is pretty much exactly what is sounds like: a website for people wanting government jobs! They have dozens of categories to search through depending on your interests, and they have a mobile option as well!

Here are the best job search websites for recent college grads!

SimplyHired allows you to post within a network of 100+ job board in mere minutes. They offer both national and targeted search options as well.

This site specializes in higher-paying jobs (yay for us)! With nearly 230,000 postings and 20,000 active recruiters, this is a good way to get noticed quickly and get in.

Here are the best job search websites for recent college grads!

What are the best job search websites that you’ve heard of? Let us know in the comments!


My name is Kassidy Barber, I’m 20 years old, and I’m currently working on my B.A. in English with a minor in web communications at the University of Alabama in Huntsville! I love video games, lots of T.V. shows, dogs, and especially food (both cooking and eating)!

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